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Biden Maneuvers To Grab More Power – Report Claims Joe Is Preparing Executive Order To Regulate Crypto

Biden Maneuvers To Grab More Power – Report Claims Joe Is Preparing Executive Order To Regulate Crypto

What’s Happening:

What doesn’t the left want to control, manage, and “regulate”? If you own a home, there are things the government won’t let you do. If you own a business, you have to jump through endless hopes put into place by our overreaching government.

And if you want to make a living, you have to watch as a large chunk of your cash goes to the IRS.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that power-hungry Biden and his administration are looking for new ways to regulate your life. It seems Biden is about to “regulate” an emerging technology. But not to steal all your money, no! But to ensure our national security!

From Barron’s:

The Biden administration is preparing to release an executive action that will task federal agencies with regulating digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a matter of national security, a person familiar with the White House’s plan tells Barron’s.

The national security memorandum, expected to come in the next few weeks, would task parts of the government with analyzing digital assets and assembling a regulatory framework that covers cryptos, stablecoins, and NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

Surrrre, we’re buying this Joe. According to a new report, the Biden administration is about to release an order that will sick federal agencies onto anyone investing in cryptocurrencies. The plan is to “analyze” your digital assets, including crypto investments, Bitcoin, and NFTs. They claim this is a matter of “national security.”

Give me a break.

It’s no secret that interest in digital assets and investments has been growing in recent years. Americans are always eager to explore innovation and new exciting ways to make money. And the government is always eager to find new ways of taking that money from us.

Hey, how do you expect Biden’s going to pay for his socialist agenda?

The news, for now, is incredibly vague. It seems the administration is developing a plan to force more government control over this emerging technology. And if you say this is necessary to prevent tax evasion, think again. People who invest in cryptocurrency already have to claim it on their taxes, thanks to measures put into place by President Trump.

This move by Biden appears more like a power grab. An excuse to invade the privacy of Americans who want to explore digital assets. There’s no telling what this “regulatory framework” might look like. But you better believe it won’t do a thing to prevent fraud, theft, or other vulnerabilities in the crypto market.

Chances are, Biden is just looking for new ways to tell you what you can do with your own money.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Biden administration is preparing an order to regulate digital assets.
  • The administration will direct agencies to develop a “regulatory framework.”
  • This comes as Biden seeks new ways to fund his socialist spending agenda.

Source: Barron’s



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