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Biden Makes Ironic Claim In Front Of His Own Sign – Joe Says Rising Costs Are ‘Necessities’ In Front Of ‘Lowering Costs For Families’

Biden Makes Ironic Claim In Front Of His Own Sign – Joe Says Rising Costs Are ‘Necessities’ In Front Of ‘Lowering Costs For Families’

What’s Happening:

If you were to believe the media, Joe Biden and his administration are working around the clock to solve our economic problems. They claim these crises were unavoidable and that Biden is implementing solutions to help working families. That would be believable if the last administration didn’t exist.

President Trump implemented actual solutions to bring about a record-breaking economy. But what has Biden done to make actual improvements to rising gas prices and inflation? He hasn’t seemed to lift a finger to lessen the burden on Americans all over the country. He even admitted during a recent event that this crushing inflation was “necessary.” Even as the banner behind him claimed they were “lowering costs” for families.

From The Blaze:

During a speech in Culpeper County, Virginia, on Thursday, President Joe Biden called rising costs “necessities” and told Americans we should all “have peace of mind” amid record inflation, all while standing on a stage ironically arrayed with signs that said, “Build Back Better: Lowering Costs for Families.”

Is this a practical joke? I mean, is the entire Biden administration just a bad SNL sketch? Joe Biden claims his administration is “lowering the costs for families.” Meanwhile, he just said that inflation and high gas prices are “necessities.” Necessities for what? Resetting the global economy so that the rich stay in power and regular folks are reduced to nothing?

That seems to be Biden’s true agenda. The global powers that be have announced a “reset” that aims at erasing the progress Trump and other nationalistic leaders achieved. It involves making life hard for regular people, as the rich elite suck up all the wealth and power.

Biden mumbles on and on about helping Americans. But his policies are directly creating the problems. Are we taking crazy pills? Do Joe and his clowns actually think we are buying this nonsense?

Can you point to one policy Biden’s enacted that has lowered gas prices, fixed the worker shortage, alleviated the supply chain backlog, or reduced costs for groceries? No, because his policies are what created these disasters in the first place. Now, he says this pain and suffering are “necessities.”

Again, we ask, for what? For making a thrive America? I don’t think so.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden claimed inflation and high gas prices are “necessities,” during a speech.
  • Behind him was a banner that claimed he was “lowering costs” for Americans.
  • Biden’s very policies are what created much of the economic problems we’re seeing.

Source: The Blaze



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