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Biden Makes His Supreme Court Move – Joe Is Interviewing 3 Candidates, Choosing One In Days

Biden Makes His Supreme Court Move – Joe Is Interviewing 3 Candidates, Choosing One In Days

What’s Happening:

Even before Supreme Court Justice Breyer announced his retirement, word got out. The liberal media immediately speculated on whom Biden would pick to replace him. The man is not even done with his time—but the vultures were already circling.

Biden quickly promised to pick a woman of color—in a desperate bid to salvage his reputation.

The media started talking about the possible candidates. Progressive activists in Congress made demands on Biden—that he should pick a “criminal justice reform” activist. We don’t yet know who the administration will select, but a report is coming out that he’s narrowed the field.

From Fox News:

President Biden has personally completed interviews with three candidates for the Supreme Court vacancy: Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger and Michelle Childs, Fox News has learned.

White House officials are not commenting further, other than to say Biden will announce his pick before the end of the month – in the next few days.

According to reports, Biden has “personally” interviewed three candidates to replace Justice Breyer. Wow, what were those interviews like? Did these women even know what Biden was talking about? How much control did Biden really have? Or was this another heavily-controlled meeting by his handlers?

It seems Biden isn’t doing most of the work. He’s chosen Doug Jones, a short-lived Democrat senator from Alabama to handle this process. Why him? Who knows! Jones is leading private meetings with the potential nominees to prepare them for the tough process they are sure to go through.

Republicans have been very hard on Biden, over this vacancy. Even moderate Republicans are not ready to rubber-stamp whomever he picks. Chances are, if he selects someone with an even slightly radical background, Republicans will do whatever they can to slow it down.

This process is sure to backfire on Joe. Vetting a Supreme Court justice takes time. Time that will take away from the Senate’s other crucial business. He could have waited to do this after the midterms. But it’s obvious he was hoping this could save the party—which is facing massive losses this November.

Either way, though, it’s not going to help them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden has reportedly interviewed three potential Supreme Court candidates.
  • Former Sen. Doug Jones is handling private meetings with the possible nominees.
  • Republicans have promised a tough confirmation process.

Source: Fox News



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