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Biden Lashes Out At Difficult Question – He Tells Fox Reporter Who Dared Ask About Putin, ‘Stupid Question’

Biden Lashes Out At Difficult Question – He Tells Fox Reporter Who Dared Ask About Putin, ‘Stupid Question’

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden struck a blow against his own presidency with that infamous press conference. Perhaps the worst thing he said was about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine. Many saw his comments as a “green light” for Putin to attack the other nation. The White House tried damage control, but many fear it was not enough.

It doesn’t seem like the White House will be able to recover from that presser. The damage done by Biden might be too great to remedy. Not that he has any idea what’s going on. Later on, a reporter questioned him once again about Putin.

And the man who many fear is suffering from mental decline responded in the worst way. From The Daily Mail:


President Joe Biden mocked a reporter Thursday after she questioned remarks he made during a press conference Wednesday that critics claim gave Russia’s President Vladimir Putin the ‘green light’ to invade Ukraine…

Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked the president: ‘Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?’

‘What a stupid question,’ Biden replied after lightly chuckling.

This is beyond parody. Has anyone told Biden just how much trouble he is in? He’s acting like a child who doesn’t realize he’s about to get sent to his room. When a reporter asked him a legitimate question, following up on his botched statements about Putin, he says it was a “stupid question.”

Um… Joe? Now is not the right time to flippantly mock people asking you about Russia. Biden’s reckless and stupid remarks on Wednesday could embolden Russia to invade Ukraine.

It could spark a war in Europe. Yet Biden doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, mocking a woman who asked him a serious question.

Are we still pretending this man’s in charge? Why are his handlers letting him appear in public, anyway? He doesn’t look well. He seems unaware of the fallout from last Wednesday. And he can’t even take questions seriously.

He’s known for his disrespectful arrogance towards the media. But this is beyond the pale. When is Congress going to walk up and do something about this? Probably not until Republicans take over.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden mocked a reporter after she asked him about Putin.
  • He said, “What a stupid question,” when asked about Putin’s growing hostility.
  • This comes after Biden’s disaster of a presser, where he appeared to encourage a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube



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