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Biden Impeachment Threat Goes Through The Roof – Red Wave Surges To Impeach Joe Over The Border

Biden Impeachment Threat Goes Through The Roof – Red Wave Surges To Impeach Joe Over The Border

What’s Happening:

Signs suggest the Republicans will have a very good November. Polling and other indicators appear to show a red wave will sweep over the midterm elections. Democrats will lose their majority in the House, perhaps even in the Senate. Republicans will be able to check Biden’s runaway administration. But there’s even more.

Several Republicans recently suggested a bold move to hold Joe accountable. At first, some RINOs rejected it. But the movement is growing as even a few senators join the conversation. Now, it appears Republicans might have a mandate from the American people to investigate and impeach Joe Biden.

From Just the News:

Rep. Lance Gooden, a Texas Republican whose district has been overrun by the surge in illegal immigration, says the border insecurity that Joe Biden unleashed isn’t just impacting border states. It’s spreading to the interior of the country, and with it the temptation to impeach the president if Republicans gain control of Congress next year…

…a growing chorus of Republicans are arguing for it, and even leaders like Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the No. 3 Republican in the House, have been forced to acknowledge the rising voices.

More and more Republicans are talking about impeaching Joe Biden if they retake the House. There are probably many reasons why Americans want Joe impeached. But a big one seems to be his handling of the border. It’s no secret Joe eliminated Trump’s border policies. Biden is even defying U.S. law by refusing to secure the border.

Is that enough to impeach a president? Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call. They impeached him a second time, without evidence or an investigation. I think Republicans are perfectly justified in their desire to check Biden—who appears to have never read the Constitution before.

Impeachment requires a president to have committed “high crimes.” According to many Republicans, Biden’s done just that and then some. Impeachment would require an investigation. Unlike Democrats, Republicans will probably hire an outside investigator to get to the bottom of Joe’s agenda.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but they probably won’t get enough votes to remove him from office.” Doesn’t matter. Imagine what we’ll find out when they investigate this administration? I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden’s staff are scrambling already, smashing cell phones the way Clinton’s people did.

Key Takeaways:

  • More Republicans are talking about impeaching Joe Biden.
  • If they retake the House in November, they will be able to investigate him.
  • The main cause appears to be Joe’s failure on the border.

Source: Just the News



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