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Biden Gets Outnumbered And Taken Down – Joe Claims He Overperformed, So Media And Americans Gang Up On Him

Biden Gets Outnumbered And Taken Down – Joe Claims He Overperformed, So Media And Americans Gang Up On Him

What’s Happening:

You know Biden’s failed. I know Biden’s failed. The only person who doesn’t appear to know Biden’s failed is, Joe Biden. The “president’s” handlers have so kept him in a bubble, that the man claimed he “outperformed” expectations last year.

From Fox News:

Biden is not interested in making any course corrections because, after all, he has, by his own modest estimation, “outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” Further, the president is convinced “we have made enormous progress” and everything is “getting better.”

Only someone blatantly lying—or totally out of touch with America—would say such things. But the writing’s on the wall. Even liberal shows like “Meet the Press” are admitting Biden’s tanking.

From YouTube:

NBC’s Chuck Todd said that after a disastrous first year, President Joe Biden is “no longer seen as competent, effective,” during a segment on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd on 1/23/2022.


Chuck Todd, a decidedly biased liberal journalist, is admitting that Americans are giving Joe a big, fat “F”. But that’s just for starters. Take a listen to how people who elected Biden in 2020 feel about him.

From YouTube:


A 2020 President Joe Biden voter slammed President Joe Biden’s failed at-home COVID testing program and said it was a “waste of money,” during a segment on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan on 1/23/2022.

These same people 100% agree that they are not in a better place after a year of President Biden.


Sure, the left can write off what conservatives and Republicans say about Biden. But we are seeing a growing number of Biden voters, including independents, getting ticked off at this failed administration. They voted for him, believing he could do a better job than Trump (crazy, I know, but they believed it).

Now, they have suffered a year of inflation, rising gas prices, worker shortages, and cruel mandates. These people are coming to the conclusion that Biden did not “build back better.” In fact, his policies have made life much harder for many of them.

Chuck Todd had to admit that Americans don’t see Biden as a strong leader. Joe attempted to “restart” his administration with that press conference. Instead, he was in denial, claiming he outperformed what he promised. Voters are starting to see just what a fool he is.

It’s really amazing. CBS appeared to find voters the least resembling conservatives for their focus group. But every one of them was outraged at Biden. One participant made it very plain what she was upset with saying she’d like to see the price of bacon go down. The elitist host might not be able to relate, but everyone else on the call did.

Biden is scrambling as are the media loyalists still trying to defend his corrupt regime. But it seems like he’s already lost the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Americans have lost confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to lead.
  • This comes as he claimed to have “outperformed” in 2021.
  • 2020 Biden voters now say they are worse off than they were last year.

Source: Fox News, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube



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