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Biden Faces Another International Threat He Created – After Going Soft On Iran, They’re Weeks Away From Nuclear Weapon

Biden Faces Another International Threat He Created – After Going Soft On Iran, They’re Weeks Away From Nuclear Weapon

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden, once upon a time, was the foreign policy advisor to President Obama. Yeah, how did that work out for us? Obama’s administration was marked with conflict and controversy overseas. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, then, that today Biden is making a mess in nearly every country he deals with.

We all know about Afghanistan. And the world waits for what might happen in Ukraine. But that’s only for starters for an administration that does not appear to be fit to handle foreign affairs. An even bigger crisis is brewing in the Middle East. Because Biden went soft on Iran, the rogue nation might be more dangerous than ever before.

From Townhall:

But according to a senior State Department official, Iran is continuing to move along with its nuclear ambitions and is now “weeks, not months” away from having enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb…

“We’ve said this many times:  At the current pace, at Iran’s current pace, we only have very few weeks to reach a deal.  You’ve said that we’ve said that now for some weeks, so do the math.  There are many fewer weeks left now than there were when we first said it.”

When Trump was president, he didn’t bother “negotiating” with Iran. He scrapped Obama’s “Iran Nuclear Deal” and hit the nation with sanctions. Biden, on the other hand, appears eager to drop sanctions and reforge a new deal—and that has only emboldened the rogue country.

Even top State Department officials are saying Iran is “weeks away” from having the capabilities of a nuclear weapon. Nothing Biden has done has been able to hold Iran in check. Negotiations in Vienna appear to have gone nowhere, with Biden’s top three negotiators quitting in disgust.

Why is the United States even negotiating with a nation that chants “Death to America”? Why is Biden so eager to help out a nation that trains people to attack our allies? Trump’s plan seemed to be the best, keep sanctions steady until Iran is willing to disband all of its nuclear programs.

Biden is playing with fire. Should Iran end up with nukes, we can’t imagine what will happen. They’ve vowed to wipe Israel—our closest ally in the Middle East—off the map for years. If they get the bomb, they just might try. Israel or other countries might preemptively strike Iran, to prevent them from attacking. That could plunge the entire region into war—which would spill out to the rest of the world.

We can’t afford to let Iran get nuclear weapons. Yet Biden’s State Department (made up of political appointees) does not appear qualified to handle this crisis.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Biden State Department official warned Iran is “weeks away” from getting a nuke.
  • This comes after negotiations that appeared to do nothing.
  • Iran has long tried to gain nuclear weapon capabilities.

Source: Townhall



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