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Biden Considers Suspending Federal Gas Tax – But Only Long Enough To Get Past Difficult 2022 Midterms

Biden Considers Suspending Federal Gas Tax – But Only Long Enough To Get Past Difficult 2022 Midterms

What’s Happening:

Biden recently promised he’d “work like the devil” to lower gas prices. That’s rich, coming from a man who banned drilling on federal land, increased penalties for emissions, and canceled a much-needed pipeline. He promised he’d shut down the oil industry and it appears he’s doing just that.

But Democrats appear to have a bait-and-switch waiting in the wings. They have a plan that appears would lower gas prices. But there’s a big catch. This “miracle solution” will only last until they get the votes they need to win 2022. And then, it’s back to surging gas prices.

From Western Journal:

President Joe Biden is seriously considering a proposal from Democratic senators to shelve the federal gas tax until 2023.

The Gas Prices Relief Act would suspend the 18.4 cents per gallon gas tax.

The bill is sponsored by two Democrats, Sens. Mark Kelly of Arizona and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

The measure would expire on Jan. 1, 2023, months after the upcoming midterm elections in which Democrats are facing long odds.

How pathetic. Democrats want to make it look like they are dealing with the gas crisis. But not actually do anything permanent about it. Their plan is to suspend the federal gas tax, which would lower gas prices by 18.4 cents. That would lower the prices, but only a little bit. Democrats would brag that they were doing something to help.

Except, Democrats refuse to give up their tax revenue. And this suspension would expire in just a few months, in January 2023. Why would they waste the ink to pass a bill that would only lower gas prices through the end of this year? Gas prices would only jump up next January, subjecting Americans to this pain all over again.

It makes sense when you realize they only want to artificially lower gas prices through the midterm elections. This suspension wouldn’t really lower gas prices, just remove a tax. Gas prices would still be high—and keep rising—because the causes that triggered this problem are still in place. Democrats want to con Americans into thinking the prices are going down, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

This is the best thing Democrats can come up with? Why aren’t they pushing back, demanding Joe reverse those terrible decisions that got us here in the first place? They know this issue will cost them the elections next fall. Why aren’t they trying to find a permanent solution?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that Democrats aren’t interested in permanent solutions. Only quick fixes that backfire, but give them more power in the process.

But Joe thinks we’re all suckers. Let’s show him what we think of that at the polls this fall.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden wants to suspend the gas tax to artificially lower gas prices.
  • The move will only last until January 2023, when prices will go back up.
  • This move is only designed to trick voters into supporting Dems in the midterms.

Source: Western Journal



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