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Biden Caught Staging ‘Winter Wonderland’ – The President Keeps Ditching His Oval Office For A Fabricated Set

Biden Caught Staging ‘Winter Wonderland’ – The President Keeps Ditching His Oval Office For A Fabricated Set

What’s Happening:

Something very wrong is going on at the White House. Biden has been in office for a year. Yet we’ve seen very little of the inside of the famous house. Sure, we’ve had a few pictures. But, aside from press conferences in just one room, the place seems to be cut off from the American public.

Even weirder is the fact that Joe Biden keeps using a set built across the street from the Oval Office. Some have said this was a Hollywood-crafted administration, all appearance and no substance. That seems to be the case, as Biden made a recent address in front of a fake window showing a “winter wonderland.”

From Twitter:

Has there been an explanation for why they built a fake White House set for Biden across the street from the real White House?

The other day there were shipping containers outside the window. Today it’s a winter wonderland.

Just bizarre and phony.

Biden continues to make appearances in this fake, TV-looking set instead of the Oval Office. Why? Did something happen to the real White House? Is someone else using that office?

Maybe Obama has set up his “shadow presidency” there! We don’t know why, but it’s becoming increasingly odd and off-putting for Joe to use this set.

This only reinforces the idea that this entire administration is phony. Biden appears to be just following orders from the radical left. He’s not “allowed” to answer questions from the media.

This “moderate” appears only to be a puppet that pushes the far left’s agenda. Why wouldn’t he use a fake set instead of the real Oval Office?

Stephen Miller had a theory about why he uses this set and it’s to cover up the fact he uses a monitor all the time.

That might be the most plausible reason, but it’s still no excuse. That would mean Biden is totally dependent on monitors because he can’t even memorize a few sentences, but he doesn’t want the American people to notice. What does that say about his mental fitness?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden once again used his fake TV set, with a “winter wonderland” behind him.
  • Biden has rarely been seen inside the White House, opting for a set across the street.
  • Stephen Miller believes it is so he can hide his monitor, which he uses for speeches.

Source: Twitter, Twitter

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