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Biden Calls U.S. Army Report a Lie After They Blame Him for Afghanistan Disaster

Joe Biden has been in the White House for barely over a year. However, in this short time, he has managed to drag the United States down with every policy decision. His first year in office is undoubtedly the worst performance by a president in modern history.

The Biden administration has created a national security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Inflation continues to stagger Americans after breaking another 40-year record. Despite boasting he would “end the pandemic”, COVID-19 numbers got worse after he took office.

Joe Biden has been an abject failure. However, possibly the most glaring blunder was his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. It was a national disgrace. Thirteen U.S. servicemen and servicewomen lost their lives because of Joe Biden. American citizens and valued allies were left behind enemy lines.

The Taliban took over the country in a matter of days. Afghanistan was the worst military debacle since Vietnam. From a policy standpoint, it was worse. Instead of accepting responsibility for his failure, Joe Biden has insisted on blaming others or trying to portray the obvious fiasco as successful.

Both are wrong. Complete blame for the bungled withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan falls at the feet of Joe Biden. The United States Army just released a 2,000-page report on the embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal.

Some of the most informed military personnel in the world produced this accounting. The report clearly blames Joe Biden and his administration for the debacle. So, how did the “liar-in-chief” respond? Joe Biden basically called these patriotic military experts the liars.

Biden was questioned in an NBC News interview with Lester Holt. Holt mentioned that the report said Biden’s administration “failed to grasp the Taliban’s steady advance on Afghanistan’s capital and resisted efforts by U.S. military leaders to prepare the evacuation of embassy personnel.”

The massive report continued to chastise White House officials for “ignoring the handwriting on the wall.” Holt asked Biden, “Does any of that ring true to you?” Joe Biden’s answer was staggering. Anyone watching this interview had to be appalled at his audacity.

In a terse tone of voice, Biden exclaimed, “No, No, that’s not what I was told.” Somebody’s lying. A thorough investigation produced this report. Hundreds of military personnel and officers gave sworn testimony during the investigation. It’s pretty obvious who is lying.

Holt doubled down on Biden’s obvious rejection of the report. He expanded on his original question, by asking Biden, “I just want to clarify, are you rejecting the conclusions or the accounts that are in this Army report?” Biden’s face turned intense. He knew he was being backed into a corner.

When that happens, Joe Biden turns into a grouchy old man. Biden answered in an even harsher tone, “Yes, I am”. Holt tripled down on his query. Seemingly baffled, Holt said, “So they’re not true?” The final answer was both astounding and an insult to the United States military.

Biden seemed to be on the brink of exploding in anger. With a harsh stare, Biden replied sternly, “I’m rejecting them.” Joe Biden’s denial that he botched the Afghanistan withdrawal is delusional. Those were the words used by Texas Senator, Republican Ted Cruz.

Fellow Republican Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, called for an immediate investigation. Hawley tweeted, “It is time Senate Democrats stopped the whitewash and held hearings. In public. Now.” This is one of the most atrocious abuses of power in U.S. history.

Joe Biden is refusing to take responsibility for his failures. This time, he’s calling our United States military leaders liars. This is more than just dangerous. Furthermore, this is a violation of Biden’s sworn oath to protect the interests of our military and the United States abroad.

It is beyond just dereliction of duty as Commander-in-Chief. His bungling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was the result of bad policy decisions. His response to the U.S. Army report on that blunder is something else. It borders on treason.

The whispers for impeachment should begin to grow louder in Washington, D.C. It’s past time. Joe Biden is more than just a dunderheaded old man who has poor judgment and makes mistakes. Joe Biden is a danger to America.

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