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Biden Acts Clueless About Skyrocketing Beef Prices – Then Makes Billion-Dollar Government Control Move

Biden Acts Clueless About Skyrocketing Beef Prices – Then Makes Billion-Dollar Government Control Move

What’s Happening:

It’s no secret that inflation has caused the cost of almost everything to go up. This is thanks to Joe Biden’s socialist policies, which have no place in our economy. But if you were to ask him or his cronies, corporate “greed” is what’s causing the rise in prices. Um… how? You can’t have corporate greed when even corporations can’t supply goods.

Biden is so out of touch with what’s going on, he seemed shocked to learn beef prices are going up.


Uh… that’s pretty odd, considering he was hosting a meeting with ranchers about this very issue. He even talked about how the cost of ground beef is getting higher. Then, he claimed he had the solution: more government spending. Wow, this guy’s a piece of work.

From Biz Pac Review:

President Joe Biden disingenuously recounted a story on Monday of a family friend complaining to him that hamburger meat now costs over $5 per pound and then announced a $1 billion plan he is offering to small meat producers in order to fight inflation.

After seeming surprised that the cost of beef is going up, Biden announced a $1 billion plan to “save” farmers and ranchers. He wants to spend taxpayer dollars to bail out small meat producers, in a futile attempt to lower beef prices.

Something tells me this isn’t going to work. And not just because it’s coming from the Biden administration. You see, there is this little thing Biden doesn’t know about called “supply and demand.” The cost of something is determined by how much supply is available.

The cost of a product, like beef, goes up when the supply is low and demand is high. The only way to counteract this problem? You guessed it, by increasing the supply of beef. That has been a problem since 2020, when a variety of factors (caused by government lockdowns), put a strain on ranchers and farmers.

Things were made much worse by Biden, whose policies created a supply chain crisis. Not to mention his efforts to increase the costs of shipping beef (due to rising gas prices) and a lack of workers (due to his welfare “stimulus”).

Nothing Biden has done has helped, only made the situation worse. What is this $1 billion going to do? Magically produce more cows to slaughter? End the supply crisis or worker shortage? Of course not. It will only provide a small, temporary bubble of cash for small producers. After that, we’ll be worse off than before.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden showed shock to learn the cost of beef is rising.
  • He then promised to dump $1 billion into small meat producers.
  • The current inflation was caused by Biden’s previous spending measures.

Source: Biz Pac Review

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