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Belgium Issues Extreme Warning About Moderna Vaccine

The country of Belgium has officially stated that it will no longer be recommending the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for any of its people under the age of 31. This decision crops up in the wake of a new data set that shows that using that specific vaccine for the first or second dose of vaccination could cause inflammation of the heart such as myocarditis. This choice was officially put forth this past week by the Belgian Vaccination Task Force.

As reported by The Brussels Times, Danish studies have indicated “that vaccination with Moderna resulted in an increased risk of inflammation of the heart muscle in young men following the first or second dose in comparison with the Pfizer vaccine,” for persons between the ages of 12 and 39.

The study indicated that Moderna is still considered safe to use for booster shots due to the booster only issuing a half dose of the vaccine at once. “The decision for the basic vaccination of 18- to 30-year-olds is based on international knowledge of possible side effects that are very rare. We took this decision as a precaution,” stated a spokesperson for the Vaccination Task Force, Gudrun Briat, in an interview with The Brussels Times.

The government spokesperson put heavy emphasis that the side-effects normally went away on their own but stated that the best option would be to avoid it altogether by getting the Pfizer shot, which has been proven to be safer.

“Usually the inflammation is harmless and goes away without being noticed, but if there is an alternative vaccine available, it makes more sense not to take any risks,” stated Briat.

She also went on to add that the symptoms tend to crop up within two months of getting the Moderna shot, so if you were dosed with one a while back there is most likely nothing to worry about.

Currently, Belgium is the most recent European country to limit the use of Moderna to younger people.

As reported by The Daily Wire, quite a few Nordic nations also slowed down its use  of certain vaccines based on similar studies showing the possibility for heart inflammation:

Sweden’s health ministry announced on Wednesday that it was pausing injections of Moderna’s vaccine for those aged 30 and younger. Denmark announced a similar pause for those aged 18 and younger, according to Bloomberg.

Finland followed suit on Thursday. Finnish health official Mika Salminen said the government was pausing injections of Moderna’s vaccine into males aged 30 and under. All three countries cited evidence that Moderna’s vaccine may be a source of myocarditis, or heart inflammation, in young people.

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