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Basketball Coach Leads Team to HUGE Win…Then School Suspends Him for It

I’m a sports fan and have always been a sports fan. Ever since I was a kid, I was always watching sports, learning about sports, going to sporting events, and playing sports with friends.

I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball. I watched any basketball games that were on TV. I would cheer for the Atlanta Hawks and go to their games, but they weren’t the greatest team back then so I never expected much out of them.

Back then, we even had an IHL hockey team called the Atlanta Knights, which no longer exists.

But one thing about sports is that there are certain rules that you follow, even if they aren’t in the rules. These are what most refer to as “unspoken rules”.

One example of this is that if you’re winning a football game by a large enough margin toward the end of the game and you have the ball, you just run out the clock instead of trying to score again.

One rule that I see violated sometimes is when a pitcher is doing really well and on his way to pitching a no-hitter, you don’t go for a bunt.

In basketball, you don’t run up the score if you’re just dominating the game. Well…unless you’re the Sacred Heart Sharks of Hamden, Connecticut.

During a recent game, the team won by a score of 92-4. Just as bad is that the score was 80-0 in the third quarter.

Now, the coach has been suspended and the school has issued a statement and an apology.

“Sacred Heart Academy values the lessons taught and cultivated through athletic participation, including ethical and responsible behavior, leadership and strength of character, and respect for one’s opponents. Last night’s Girls’ Basketball game vs Lyman Hall High School does not align with our values or philosophies,” Sister Sheila O’Neill, the school’s president, said in a statement to GameTimeCT, a sports website.

She continued: “Sacred Heart Academy Administration and Athletics are deeply remorseful for the manner through with the outcome of the game was achieved. We are in communication with Lyman Hall High School, the Southern Connecticut Conference and CIAC, and are addressing these concerns internally to ensure that our athletic programs continue to encourage personal, physical and intellectual growth.”

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