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Arizona Farmer Fed Up At The Border – So She’s Running For Attorney General And Donald Trump Endorses Her

Arizona Farmer Fed Up At The Border – So She’s Running For Attorney General And Donald Trump Endorses Her

The border situation has impacted many southern states in the past year, as state officials and border authorities continue to battle the spiraling crisis.

Lawsuits have been filed, Texas has created Operation Lone Star to construct its own border barriers, and multiple governors have accused the Biden administration of creating a humanitarian disaster.

And the crisis is forcing other citizens to take action, too — including a former Trump-backed candidate for office.

Tiffany Shedd is a cotton farmer, lawyer, and mother of three, and her home sits in the midst of a Mexican cartel’s smuggling route between Phoenix and Tucson.

Obviously, this isn’t a very safe area of the country and unfortunately, Shedd’s family has experienced firsthand just how dangerous it can be. They’ve been dealing with it for 18 years now, in fact.

As she said in an interview with the Washington Examiner:

The first big thing hit our family around 2004. When people steal your car, and you have to be evacuated by the police because you’ve got death threats, it sort of wakes you up.

Our neighbor was murdered. My friend Rob Krentz was murdered. And it makes the news.

A lot of us in the community are really, really frustrated because it feels like it’s a political issue at times, and nothing gets done, and you get forgotten.

Shedd said she got “fed up” a few years ago and decided to run for Congress in 2018.

She lost in the primary, managed to win the nomination in 2020, then lost to her Democrat opponent Tom O’Halleran in a close race, decided by just three points.

During that race, Shedd was endorsed by then-President Donald Trump, who said she was a person who “never lets people down, and she’s got the right values.” This endorsement didn’t equal victory, however.

Even so, Shedd says she’s glad she lost because she figured out she could have more influence on the border as attorney general.

It’ll be a tough race, though: there are a handful of Republicans running against Shedd, and many have more direct political experience. However, Shedd might just have the edge due to her personal experiences.

And as she said referring to undocumented citizens and the Democrat defense of them:

You hear, ‘Oh, these poor people, we need to give them money for psychological trauma.’

What about our families, our kids, that had to grow up with this?

Shedd says if she’s elected, she’ll tackle the federal government’s failure at the border, as well as “Big Brother” overreach on other issues.

Above all else, she said Arizona’s state government should have one goal, and that’s to “maintain and protect individual liberties.” She believes “we’ve lost sight of that” maxim over the years.

Recently, Shedd recommended that Arizona declare the cartels a “foreign enemy” and engage them as such.

This is the sort of hard-nosed stance she’s going to take into the race for attorney general. And if enough citizens understand her position, and have experienced the fallout for themselves, she might have a good chance.

As Shedd concluded:

I don’t know that everyone else’s motivation is as strong as mine. I don’t think people don’t care about it, but it’s just really, really personal.

This is going to stop. You’re ruining family’s lives and Arizonans lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • A former Trump-backed candidate is running for Attorney General in Arizona.
  • Farmer, lawyer, and mother Tiffany Shedd says her primary goal is to tackle the border crisis, as her family has been ravaged by cartels for nearly two decades.
  • She added that Arizona’s government should only seek to “maintain and protect individual liberties.”

Source: Washington Examiner



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