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AOC Crosses The Line! Goes After Congresswoman’s Children

An unhinged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crossed the line and is now attacking Rep. Lauren Boebert’s children.

Liberal snowflakes were triggered when Rep. Thomas Massie posted a photo of his family exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and jokingly asked Santa to bring ammo for Christmas.

That image had the snowflakes raging.

CNN equated the image to the recent school shooting in Michigan:

Massie’s comment to “please bring ammo” is all the more disturbing given that the accused Oxford gunman was reportedly searching for ammunition on his phone the day before the shooting, which raised alarm for school officials. I find it difficult to believe that Massie — an MIT graduate who has served in Congress since 2012 — was not aware of that fact. At best, Massie’s Christmas card was spectacularly ill-timed, but there seems to be more to it than that.

The Guardian called the photo a “gun-fetish photo symbol of Republican abasement under Trump.”

This is coming from the same people that buy prayer candles of Fauci, Stacy Abrams, and RBG.

Below is tweet from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer proudly displaying her liberal prayer candle.

Below is a screenshot from the head of the Minnesota Democrat Farmer Labor Party showing off his RBG and Fauci prayer candles.

After the liberal onslaught attacking Massie, Boebert posted a photo of her family telling Rep. Massie “the Boeberts have your six (no spare ammo for you, though).

As you can imagine that photo caused another liberal snowflake tidal wave.

AOC used the photo to attack Boebert’s family after self proclaimed woke mob attorney Ron Filipkowski posted the image. AOC also claimed that Boebert’s children didn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas and that she is using weapons for “political gain.”

Sorry AOC she is exercising her 2nd Amendment right under the Constitution, it’s a thing here in America we call freedom.

Beobert immediately responded and hammered AOC for attacking her children.

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