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Anti-Lockdown Protesters Mauled by Dogs and Beaten with Batons (VIDEO)

The government elites have taken a health crisis and used it to manipulate and control. First, people were ordered to wear masks, covering up our ability to facially share emotions. Masks have proven minimally effective at preventing viral spread, if at all.

Big pharmaceutical companies were handed billions of dollars to hastily manufacture a vaccine. While COVID vaccines have been helpful, they are far from a panacea to stop the virus. There are new revelations that COVID vaccine side effects may prove worse than the virus.

Despite an increasing percentage of vaccinated people becoming infected, vaccine mandates are still being used to exercise control and compliance. However, probably the most fruitless of all the crazy COVID policies have been lockdowns.

Even experts have bemoaned their ineffectiveness. Beyond being totally ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus, lockdowns have triggered catastrophic consequences of their own. They have destroyed individual lives and entire communities.

Thousands of businesses have been shuttered. Billions of dollars have been lost. COVID lockdowns have sent entire national economies into free-fall. The consequences have far outweighed any limited benefit. Lockdowns have proven to be a total failure.

However, some power-hungry bureaucrats still feel compelled to order these Draconian lockdowns. The Netherlands has been a parliamentary constitutional monarchy since 1848. Recent videos display protestors pushing back against harsh lockdown orders.

They show nothing remotely resembling a free, constitutional society. These disturbing videos reveal an ever-increasing tendency to silence free speech. In Amsterdam, all the protestors did was gather to voice their disapproval of government-mandated lockdowns.

While the protests were peaceful, Amsterdam officials used the excuse that they were unauthorized. They were unauthorized because they questioned the policies of the elite. In response to the pushback, officials ordered police to sick dogs on the protestors.

Mauled by dogs and beaten with batons, the protestors were being used as an example. Power and control hungry bureaucrats despise having their authority questioned. The right to peacefully push back against excessive, unnecessary orders will be beaten back.

This exercise in “police state” happened in an otherwise free and democratic country. These types of infringements on freedom are growing all-too-common. These protestors were abused because the Netherlands government has banned protests.

COVID itself has been deadly. However, the abuses of power by elites are producing even more dangerous results than any public health crisis. This corruption for power and control will carve deeply destructive scars into a world already forever scarred by pandemic.

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