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American Olympians Muzzled For Beijing Games – They Are Ordered Not To Mention Human Rights

American Olympians Muzzled For Beijing Games – They Are Ordered Not To Mention Human Rights

What’s Happening:

Can China’s corrupt government get any worse? We can say that because we are not part of the liberal establishment that craves Chinese money. Nor are we part of numerous businesses, Hollywood, the media, or universities, that profit off of Chinese investments.

But the facts are clear. Not only is China responsible for the 2020 crisis, but they have violated the human rights of minority groups in their country.

(And let’s not forget what they did to once-free Hong Kong.)

Discussion about what the CCP is doing needs to be going on at the highest level. But China Joe Biden does not have the skill or intelligence to confront the Red Menace. Sadly, this year’s Olympics will be hosted in the communist nation.

That might be a good chance for American athletes to raise awareness about China’s corruption. But these participants will have their rights squashed, thanks to the game’s hosts.

From Washington Examiner:

Olympic athletes could face penalties if they act in a way that is against the spirit of the Olympic Games, according to Chinese officials.

These breaches could include speaking out on the human rights violations occurring in China. Chinese officials made the comments after nonprofit organization Human Rights Watch recommended athletes “stay silent” while competing in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Apparently, the “Olympic spirit” now includes the rejection of human rights, free speech, and basic human decency for minority groups. Chinese officials are threatening American athletes, warning them not to speak out against the abuses the CCP are guilty of committing.

Even a nonprofit group called “Human Rights Watch” is warning Americans to stay silent.

Why is a “human rights” group trying to silence the free speech rights of Americans? Shouldn’t they be focusing, instead, on the evils the Chinese Communist Party has committed against its own people? But the fact remains American athletes are in grave danger, once they arrive on Chinese soil.

They will not have the Constitution to protect them. In fact, if they violate any of China’s strict laws, they could face serious penalties. Some of them including China canceling their “accreditation” which could prevent them from competing. Worse than that, China might throw them in jail.

Of course, the compromised IOC refuses to weigh in on the controversy. A group that is supposed to represent fairness and cooperation among nations turns a blind eye as China breaks human rights standards.

Perhaps American athletes should choose to sit these Olympic games out?

Key Takeaways:

  • American Olympic athletes are being warned not to speak out against China.
  • Athletes could face penalties that stop them from competing.
  • The IOC refuses to intervene, despite its role in the situation.

Source: Washington Examiner



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