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Alex Jones plans to plead the 5th during Capitol riot testimony because he’s worried about being caught lying

Alex Jones plans to plead the 5th during Capitol riot testimony because he’s worried about being caught lying

When he goes to appear before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones stated on Tuesday that he’ll likely plead his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.

Jones told Politico’s Kyle Cheney that he plans to plead the Fifth Amendment because he worries the committee will “try to get catch him in a lie and get DOJ to prosecute him over it.”

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Jones has stated that he would be willing to testify life and on camera, however, Cheney points out that the committee is unlikely to accept this.

On Monday, Trump ally Roger Stone, who was also summoned by the committee, indicated he would likely utilize his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid testifying at all.

Image of Roger Stone via Youtube screengrab…https://youtu.be/qNsKDqIwZKU

Stone recently stated that he’s “not worried” about the request because he doesn’t know anything about the Capitol riot.

“On the other hand, as one who was framed for lying to Congress I would probably assert my Fifth Amendment right and declined to be interviewed,” Stone stated on Monday night.

In 2019, Stone was found guilty of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. Before leaving office, Trump granted him a pardon.

Image of Roger Stone via Youtube screenshot…https://youtu.be/uBkggFDn08I

Monday, the committee established on January 6 announced its findings. Stone was apparently in Washington, D.C. at the time of the riot on January 6, and was scheduled to speak at a “Save America” event before the unrest broke out. He was not one of the twelve speakers that took the stage at that event.

“While in Washington, Mr. Stone reportedly used members of the Oath Keepers as personal security guards, at least one of whom has been indicted for his involvement in the attack on the Capitol,” the committee said.

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Jones “reportedly helped organize the rally at the Ellipse on January 6th that immediately preceded the attack on the Capitol, including by facilitating a donation to provide what he described as ‘eighty percent of the funding.”

So yet, it’s unclear how much resistance Stone and Jones will put up, or whether they’ll face criminal contempt charges as Trump friend Steve Bannon did earlier this month.

Image of Steve Bannon via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Jones made headlines earlier this month after a judge ruled against him in a case brought by Sandy Hook families.

He and his corporation were found in default in the defamation lawsuits by State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis for “failure to furnish essential substantial facts that the plaintiffs needed to substantiate their claims.” Bellis found in favor of the parents by default, and she will convene a hearing to determine how much he should pay in damages.

Jones has now lost four defamation lawsuits against Sandy Hook families, three of which were filed in Texas.

“While the families are grateful for the Court’s ruling, they remain focused on uncovering the truth,” Chris Mattei, an attorney representing the families who sued Jones, said in a statement Monday.

“Alex Jones and his companies have deliberately concealed evidence of the relationship between what they publish and how they make money. Mr. Jones was given every opportunity to comply but, when he chose instead to withhold evidence for more than two years, the Court was left with no choice but to rule as it did today. While today’s ruling is a legal victory, the battle to shed light on how deeply Mr. Jones has harmed these families continues.”

Jones infuriated Sandy Hook parents when he falsely claimed that the mass shooting was orchestrated by crisis actors with the intention of overturning the Second Amendment. He then admitted that the massacre took place. In court, his lawyers defended his remarks as “rhetorical hyperbole” and denied that they were defamatory.

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