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After Texas Makes Arrests On The Southern Border – 50 Democrats Are Begging Biden’s DOJ To Put A Stop To It

After Texas Makes Arrests On The Southern Border – 50 Democrats Are Begging Biden’s DOJ To Put A Stop To It

What’s Happening:

Long ago, Gov. Abbott sought help from the Biden administration. Hundreds of thousands of migrants were flooding the border. But old Joe and Kamala refused to lift a finger to help. So, Texas implemented its own plan: Operation Lone Star.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, states do not have the power to deport border jumpers. Texas, instead, is arresting criminal aliens for trespassing. The program is becoming so successful, more counties are joining. Texas Democrats (which sounds like an oxymoron) are begging Joe Biden to stop it.

From The Epoch Times:

A group of 50 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives is urging the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to investigate Operation Lone Star, a border security initiative launched by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in March 2021…

Since July last year, 2,681 illegal alien trespassers have been arrested, and the number of participating counties has increased from two to six, with more preparing to join.

Some 50 Texas Democrats (perhaps the same who fled the state last year) are begging Biden’s DOJ to investigate and potentially stop Operation Lone Star. These Democrats are powerless to stop a program that has arrested over 2,000 migrants who have trespassed on Texas soil. So, like pathetic children tattling on Abbott, as asking Biden to stop it.

Since Biden took office, over one million border jumpers entered the country. Biden has spent millions (including funds meant for testing) to ship these aliens all over. The Supreme Court twice ordered him to reimplement Remain in Mexico. But it remains to be seen if DHS is actually doing it.

Texas and other border states are overrun. They are struggling to protect their residents from this tidal wave of migrants. According to Texas reports, these trespassers have refused to seek asylum, they try to evade law enforcement, and destroy property.

Should Texas just sit down and let invaders destroy their state? Should the governor just shrug his shoulders and let Biden’s failures ruin the lives of countless Texans? Democrats seem to think so. They want the federal government to interfere with Texas law enforcement, which could be seen as a shocking act of federal overreach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats are begging Biden to stop Texas’ Operation Lone Star
  • The program arrests migrants for trespassing on private land.
  • Texas has been forced to do this, after receiving no help from Biden to secure the border.

Source: The Epoch Times



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