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After Supreme Court Commission Squashes Court Packing – Biden’s Spox Claim He Is Still Considering It

After Supreme Court Commission Squashes Court Packing – Biden’s Spox Claim He Is Still Considering It

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden appeared to be bowing to far-left progressives when he formed a commission on the Supreme Court. The goal was obvious, get an excuse to pack the court with as many liberal justices as he could, to wipe out the conservative majority. But his commission failed to give him the answer he wanted.

From SCOTUS Blog:

The final report identifies “considerable, bipartisan support” for implementing non-renewable 18-year term limits for the justices and “profound disagreement” on whether Congress should expand the court beyond its current nine seats.

The commission could not support the idea of increasing the number of justices. That should be enough for the administration to shut down talk altogether. But Joe’s mouthpiece, a woman who seems to be more of a political activist than a spox, spoke for him.

From YouTube:


President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden hasn’t yet determined if he will support packing the Supreme Court with liberal justice, during the White House press briefing on 2/1/2022.

Despite the final report from Biden’s commission, Psaki claim Biden hasn’t “yet determined” if he will support adding justices to the SCOTUS. By this point we know that’s code for, “whoever is really calling the shots” hasn’t decided if it is politically advantageous to go ahead with this reckless scheme.

They better decide quickly. Because the window to pack the court is closing fast (it already be closed). There is no legal precedent for adding justices to the court. Chances are, Biden will try to make it happen through legislation (though that might be challenged in court). Pelosi’s House might be able to pass a bill, but it will take all 50 Democrat senators to support the move.

We’re not sure every Democrat in the Senate is on board with court-packing. And, for the moment, they are down one vote, with a senator recovering from a stroke. If he does not recover before the midterms, Schumer has zero chance of passing a bill to pack the court.

And if Republicans take over next year, this plan is DOA.

Yet it’s troubling, regardless, for Biden to still be considering this tactic after the commission refused it. It proves this move is not in the best interest of the court or the country. Only a partisan move to give Democrats unchecked power in our government.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s Supreme Court commission released its final report, rejecting court-packing.
  • Despite a lack of support, Psaki says Biden is still deciding on supporting the move.
  • Democrats have talked of packing the court to gain a large majority.

Source: SCOTUS Blog, YouTube



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