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After Sinema Saves Filibuster, Ends Biden Takeover – Democrats Melt Down As She Shakes GOP’s Hands

After Sinema Saves Filibuster, Ends Biden Takeover – Democrats Melt Down As She Shakes GOP’s Hands

What’s Happening:

Democrats suffered major defeats this week. And we’re not just talking about Joe Biden’s titanic press conference! They failed to get past a set of radical “voting rights” bills in the Senate.

These bills would have been a complete federal takeover; they would have ripped election control from the states and given it to the D.C. swamp. They would have outlawed voter ID and other requirements that secure our democracy.

But the measure failed because Schumer and Biden couldn’t kill the filibuster. Two Democrats voted along with all Senate Republicans to preserve this rule. That ensured Schumer’s extreme voting bills were DOA. Now, Democrats are attacking their own, turning on one of the senators who upheld our democracy.

From The Daily Wire:

GOP senators lined up to congratulate her and shake her hand…

That precipitated an avalanche of vitriol from leftists across social media who pilloried Sinema for standing up against the enormous pressure from President Biden and the Democrats eager to eviscerate the filibuster so they can pass the “Freedom To Vote Act” and alter voting procedures across the country.

Leftists melted down after Kyrsten Sinema shook the hands of Republican colleagues after they voted to save our democracy. They flipped out because Sinema was brave enough to stand up to Joe Biden and Schumer.

The simple act of shaking the hands of fellow senators was so triggering, they spewed incredible amounts of hate against her.

Some called her a “traitor in red,” a “narcissist,” and “one of the Deplorables.” Others claimed she was “slipped cash” for her vote to protect the filibuster. Some of the worst comments invoked “Karma” and God to “take care of her.”

Isn’t it funny that these liberals are allowed to say this stuff on social media without penalty? We can think of numerous instances where conservatives were critical of a Democrat—only to be banned from websites.

If they had said anything this vulgar (and I’m leaving out the worst of it), they would have had the FBI knocking on their door.

Odd how liberals, who consider themselves above us filthy conservatives, are so quick to turn on people for not going their way. They call Republicans fascist, yet they threaten and attack anyone who refuses to do what they say.

A Democrat can’t even shake the hands of a few Republicans, these days, without the woke mob wishing her ill.

If this wasn’t a sign for Americans to wake up and reject the left’s agenda, nothing is.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberals attacked Sen. Sinema for voting with Republicans to protect the filibuster.
  • Some spewed insults and threats online after she shook her colleagues’ hands.
  • Among the comments were wishes that “Karma” would take care of her.

Source: Daily Wire



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