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After Russia Crosses Red Line Into Ukraine – The Consequences Rain Down, Starting With The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

After Russia Crosses Red Line Into Ukraine – The Consequences Rain Down, Starting With The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

What’s Happening:

The world was on edge for weeks, ever since Joe Biden gave Putin a “green light.” The Russian leader was massing troops along the Ukraine border. But Sleepy Joe refused to show strength during his press conference in January. He’s warned Americans to flee Ukraine but has stopped short of doing anything to stop Russia.

Biden’s lack of leadership appears to have produced the worst consequences. Russia is allegedly moving troops into certain areas of Ukraine, bolstering “separatist” groups. The act, which was strongly condemned by European leaders, has shocked the world. And now, Germany (not the U.S.) is striking back.

From Daily Caller:

Germany stopped the approval process for Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that would transport natural gas directly from Russia to Europe, the nation’s leader said Tuesday.

“In light of the most recent developments we must reassess the situation in particular regarding Nord Stream 2,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told reporters, Reuters reported.

Germany shut down Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a line that would have brought oil from Europe into Russia. The pipeline originally received approval from Biden, after he shut down a major pipeline project in the United States. Critics couldn’t believe Biden was supporting something that would give Russia control over the energy market in Europe while hurting his own country.

But now that Russia is defying world leaders to harass Ukraine, the German government has seen the light. They are stopping the approval process for Nord Stream 2, effectively preventing Russia from benefitting from it. This happened, however, only after Russia appeared to be invading Ukraine.

It’s still unclear just what Russia is up to. Reports came in this week that they are bolstering separatist regions in Ukraine. It’s possible they are not staging an all-out invasion but aiding those who seek to overthrow Ukraine from within. Whatever the case might be, it’s clear that Joe Biden made matters much worse with his weak, spiritless press conference last month.

Biden all but promised America would not get involved in the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. After the fumble, his administration scrambled to appear suddenly stern against Russia. But neither Biden nor Harris could provide a legitimate answer to Russia’s aggression. The country apparently does not fear invading Ukraine, despite all of Biden’s blustering.

It seems that Germany is doing more to stop them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Germany shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline after Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • Biden had previously supported the pipeline while opposing a U.S. one.
  • The Biden administration failed to oppose Russia’s aggression.

Source: Daily Caller



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