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After President Biden Cancels Keystone Pipeline – Gas Prices Just Took A Turn To Historic 8-Year Highs

After President Biden Cancels Keystone Pipeline – Gas Prices Just Took A Turn To Historic 8-Year Highs

What’s Happening:

When Donald Trump was president, he cleared the way for a much-needed pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline would have safely carried oil from Canada to the United States. Both countries would have profited from this billion-dollar project. Too bad Trump didn’t stay president.

Biden killed the project and banned drilling on federal land. The result is that we’ve seen gas prices continue to climb. Oddly enough, Biden has done nothing to stop foreign nations from drilling for oil (including Russia). But these countries aren’t doing us any favors. And that has resulted in a historic rise in prices.

From Townhall:

Rising prices have become a reality of everyday life for Americans in recent months, and on Friday retail gas prices hit a $3.423 per gallon average for regular unleaded fuel — a high not seen in nearly eight years. One month ago, the national average was $3.288/gallon and one year ago gas was nearly $1 cheaper at $2.443/gallon.

Thanks to Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda, the average gas price has hit an 8-year high. The average this week hit $3.423 per gallon. It hasn’t been that bad since 2014 when good ol’ Barry O was in the White House. Keep in mind, while that is the national average, the price is much higher in many states and large cities.

This kind of price hike results in a net loss for working Americans. Not everyone has the luxury of working from home. There are millions of Americans who need to commute to work to make ends meet. Even a small increase in gas can hurt a family’s bottom line. But even though Biden knows this is his fault, his administration refuses to fix it.

What has he done? He went to OPEC (run by Saudi Arabia) and Russia to beg them for more oil. Why should these countries drill more oil, lower the cost of it, just to make Joe happy? Do you know how you lower prices? By letting American companies drill for more oil. It’s not a hard equation.

Biden’s claim that this is about “climate change” is nonsense. If that were so, he wouldn’t have begged OPEC for more oil. Nor would he have given Russia the green light for their pipeline, which gives them control over Europe’s energy market.

Just what game is this administration playing?

Key Takeaways:

  • The price of gas has hit an 8-year high of $3.423 per gallon.
  • This comes after Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline.
  • He also banned drilling on federal land to combat “climate change.”

Source: Townhall



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