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After National Anthem Singer’s Mic Cuts Out – The NFL Crowd Jumps In, Stands Up And Patriotically Belts It Out

After National Anthem Singer’s Mic Cuts Out – The NFL Crowd Jumps In, Stands Up And Patriotically Belts It Out

What’s Happening:

Professional sports have had a rough few years. Thanks to athletes-turned-activists, major leagues were branded un-American and even anti-patriotic. The poison still remains in some sports (i.e.: the NBA) and at any time tensions can blow up, turning off fans and supporters alike. But it seems not all is lost with American pastimes.

The NFL playoffs have been going on throughout Winter. Defying the odds, the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the AFC title game. Singer Ashanti appeared to sing the National Anthem, a song seemingly banned by other sports. But there appeared to be technical issues, disrupting her performance. That’s when the patriotic crowd chimed in.

From Daily Caller:

Kansas City Chiefs fans pulled off a classy move Sunday prior to losing to the Bengals.

Music star Ashanti was singing the national anthem before the AFC title game when her mic started having serious issues…

However, the fans didn’t let the situation fall apart. The stadium came together to loudly sing the national anthem to the point it was easily picked up by the broadcast mics.

It seems Ashanti’s microphone was having issues during her performance of the National Anthem. But despite the problem, the broadcaster’s mics were able to pick up the tremendous sound of the crowd singing along. The crowd’s collective voice was so loud and clear, the song did not miss a beat.

It’s unfortunate that the mic was having issues. Especially for a major broadcast put on by the NFL and network partners. It sounded as if it was going in and out, perhaps from damage or the weather. But the stadium microphones were working just fine, and you can clearly hear the fans sing out the anthem triumphantly.

This moment is a powerful reminder that Americans, despite their differences, can be united in their love for the country. And it strikes a blow against efforts by those who want to remove the National Anthem and other traces of patriotism, from our professional sports.

Hopefully, the owners and coaches from all professional leagues are paying attention. Americans are clearly eager to express their devotion. This is what we want to see before our games. Let’s follow their example.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fans were heard singing the anthem during the AFC title game.
  • The professional singer’s mic was cutting in and out during the song.
  • The crowd’s combined voice was loud and powerful.

Source: Daily Caller



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