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After Kamala Claims America Is In A “Malaise” – She Quickly Gets Unfavorably Compared To Former President Jimmy Carter

After Kamala Claims America Is In A “Malaise” – She Quickly Gets Unfavorably Compared To Former President Jimmy Carter

What’s Happening:

There’s no avoiding the fact that Biden and Harris are some of the least popular leaders in our nation’s history. Both have shockingly low approval. Biden’s hovers around 36%, while Harris is even worse, below 28%. Yet, in an even more bizarre twist, neither are trying to do anything to recover their reputations.

I guess that’s what happens when you elect puppets for the radical left. Harris made a recent appearance to perhaps salvage her future presidential plans. Did she inspire the country? Provide encouragement and vision? Of course not. She spewed more negativity and got compared to another failed administration.

From Fox News:

She expressed frustration with the virus as it entered its second year and said she fully appreciates that there is a level of “malaise” in the country but said the country needs to be ready to meet the challenges…

Former President Carter is often tied to his 1979 “malaise” speech he delivered while the country was facing an energy crisis, high inflation and a lagging economy…

“Just two days after July 15, Carter fired his Cabinet, signifying a governmental meltdown. The president’s poll numbers sank again as confusion and disarray took over.”

History appears to be repeating itself, as Harris—like Biden—follows in Carter’s footsteps. Harris gave a negative speech about the United States, claiming the country is experiencing “malaise” about the ongoing crisis. Of course, she ignored the fact that her boss promised to “shut down” this problem, failing miserably.

Republicans compared this to a speech given by Jimmy Carter which used similar language. Carter’s administration presided over similar crises, inflation and a fuel shortage. Soon after, he fired his Cabinet as his administration fell apart. He suffered sinking poll numbers as his office succumbed to chaos. That’s not too different from what we’re seeing now.

Harris is watching staffers flee left and right, as reports continue to reveal her as a “bully” who crushes her employees. There appears to be confusion and disarray over the administration’s agenda and messaging. Biden says it’s up to the states to “solve” this crisis, yet he keeps acting like a dictator with his infamous mandates.

His “vice president” is no help. She was given a few responsibilities but failed to follow through. She is unimpressive in front of the cameras and can’t even answer simple questions. When given an opportunity to unite and inspire the country, she drops words like “malaise.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Kamala Harris gave a negative speech, where she said America is suffering “malaise.”
  • Republicans compared it to a similar speech given by one-term Jimmy Carter.
  • Soon after, Carter’s administration fell apart and his poll numbers sank.

Source: Fox News

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