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After Justice Breyer Gets ‘Blindsided’ By Leak – President Biden Rushes To Set Up Joint Speech At White House

After Justice Breyer Gets ‘Blindsided’ By Leak – President Biden Rushes To Set Up Joint Speech At White House

What’s Happening:

The Internet exploded yesterday with the news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer would be retiring at the end of this term. Liberal pundits rushed to speculate on whom Biden’s handlers would pick as his replacement.

Quickly, the left demanded Biden select a woman of color, no doubt a radical activist who would pander to Democrats.

But, as it turns out, news of Breyer’s retirement wasn’t even official. The man had decided to step down, but it had been leaked… by someone. And it seems Breyer is none too happy about it.

From YouTube:


Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was not ready to announce his imminent retirement, sources tell Fox News’ Shannon Bream.

Apparently, someone within the Supreme Court or the White House leaked the news. Sentiment seems to point toward Biden, as a form of pressuring Breyer to stick to his plan. This entire affair is becoming as big of a mess as anything from this administration. So, Biden is hastily putting together a speech.

From The Hill:

President Biden is slated to deliver remarks on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement on Thursday afternoon, the White House announced.

Breyer is expected to attend the event, according to updated daily guidance issued Thursday morning. The event will take place at 12:30 p.m. in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

After news of Breyer’s retirement leaked to the press, speculation arose over who could have done it. Now, Biden is hastily announcing a speech this afternoon, in a move that may suggest guilt. It is possible Biden’s office leaked this news, and now he is trying to cover for it.

The retirement of a Supreme Court Justice is no small event. Breyer has served on the court since the early 90s. Yet the liberal media has turned this into a circus, with leftists practically salivating over who will replace him. It’s bad form and makes Biden look bad.

But is a speech going to paper over this mess? Maybe, if we had a president with a reputation for being a great orator. But this is Joe Biden, we’re talking about. The guy famous for “you know, the thing.”

Instead of giving Breyer a well-deserved exit, Biden will most likely fumble through remarks prepared for him by a 20-year-old intern.

UPDATE: Here it is, folks. From YouTube:


Key Takeaways:

  • New of Breyer’s retirement was a premature leak.
  • The Supreme Court Justice was blindsided, suggesting Biden’s office leaked it.
  • Biden hastily announced a speech to cover his administration’s fumble.

Source: YouTube, The Hill



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