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After Democrats Claim DeSantis Went Missing – It Turns Out He Was Helping His Wife With Her Cancer Treatment

After Democrats Claim DeSantis Went Missing – It Turns Out He Was Helping His Wife With Her Cancer Treatment

What’s Happening:

Is there no low the left won’t descend to, in order to push politics? It doesn’t look that way. When Trump was president, nothing was off-limits. That included his wife and young son, who is still in school. The left was merciless in their attacks against the Trump family, all because they put their political agenda over basic human decency.

Well, sadly, the trend has not stopped. Democrats have gone all-out in their attacks against conservative leaders at the state level. That includes Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis. Recently, they accused him of being “missing,” going on vacation. As it turns out, he was assisting his wife, who is battling cancer.

From Fox News:

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis accompanied his wife to her cancer treatment while critics were accusing the governor of taking a vacation as coronavirus cases spiked…

A DeSantis spokesperson said the governor accompanied wife Casey to cancer treatment Dec. 29, the day several left-wing critics accused the governor of “missing.”

DeSantis’ announced in October that his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, telling Fox News at the time that as “the mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has made an impact on the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as first lady.”

Disgusting. Gov. DeSantis was “missing” for one day last month, at least according to liberals in the media. Quickly, they circulated an unsubstantiated claim that he was on vacation. The truth was he was with his wife while she was receiving cancer treatments.

Is nothing respected by the left? Do they even have a shred of human kindness? Are they so morally bankrupt that they’d attack a husband trying to help his wife through a trying and scary time? It’s bad enough to have to deal with a wife who is suffering from cancer. Does DeSantis also have to fend off attacks from this despicable group?

Even after DeSantis responded, liberals continued to attack. Apparently, according to one leftist, cancer treatments only take a “few hours.” Why wasn’t he back in his office after that? So what if your wife is sick and weak after chemo? You gotta man those phones and talk to the media! Mush, mush, you idiot!

The fact that Democrats are still attacking the governor, despite the facts, shows you they’ve lost any moral high ground they claimed they had. Remember, this is the same group that defend Pete Buttigieg who took weeks off of work for “paternity leave,” while the entire nation was suffering from a supply chain crisis.

But DeSantis can’t take a day to look after his ailing wife?

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberals attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for being “missing” one day.
  • The governor was with his wife who received cancer treatments.
  • Even after the news came out, Democrats still attacked the man and his wife.

Source: Fox News

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