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After D.C. Swamp Gets $6T For Relief Funds – Pelosi And Biden Claim They’re Going To Need A Lot More

After D.C. Swamp Gets $6T For Relief Funds – Pelosi And Biden Claim They’re Going To Need A Lot More

What’s Happening:

Since the outbreak of the 2020 crisis, Congress has burned through Americans’ money. To date, they have spent nearly $6 TRILLION dollars to “battle” this virus. Despite the fact that most of what the government was done was shut down the country and put millions of people out of work.

During Trump’s administration, money was spent to surge support to those that needed it most. Biden, on the other hand, wasted trillions on “stimulus” checks, expanded welfare, and other wasteful sources. And even though much has improved in the country, Biden and his henchwoman Pelosi wants even more.

From Fox News:

The Washington Post reports that the Joe Biden White House will soon ask Congress for even more money to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

More money, that is, than the $5.4 trillion already allocated by Congress via six separate pieces of legislation over the past 24 months, an unprecedented and dangerous sum that is spurring inflation and keeping people from going back to work.

And Pelosi is confirming it:


Both Biden and Pelosi want more money to fight the 2020 crisis—even as people wonder where the nearly $6 trillion already spent went. Millions of Americans suffered unemployment (even to this day), yet the government spends money it doesn’t have. Instead of working to restore the economy, Democrats want to burn through money faster than a bum on a bender.

Reports came out that Biden squandered money for testing on flights for migrants. So, we shouldn’t blame Americans for pushing back on this latest request for cash. Why should we believe Biden and Pelosi will use this money to help battle anything when they previously wasted this money?

And let’s not forget how Democrats are so determined to bail out failing blue states. Democrats at the state level have crippled their economy, let crime blow up, and punished working Americans. The result, of course, is a major drop in tax revenue. We shouldn’t be surprised if this latest demand for cash is just to save the likes of Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and other failed governors.

Biden’s approval on this issue is as bad as everything else. He is probably seeking more cash to claim he’s finally doing something. But he might have trouble getting folks like Manchin in the Senate to agree to more reckless spending.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden and Pelosi want more money to battle the 2020 crisis.
  • This comes after they spent almost $6 trillion over the last two years.
  • Americans are wondering what the government did with all that money.

Source: Fox News, YouTube

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