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After Biden’s Team Stays Silent On New Border Crossings – Court Filing Lays Out 2022’s Skyrocketing Influx

After Biden’s Team Stays Silent On New Border Crossings – Court Filing Lays Out 2022’s Skyrocketing Influx

What’s Happening:

When Biden first entered the White House, he immediately reversed Trump’s policies on the border. That quickly resulted in an exploding crisis, as countless migrants flooded into our country. Yet, Biden was content with hiding this little inconvenient fact, until a whistleblower posted images online (it was Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar).

Since then, Biden’s administration has bent over backward to hide the truth. They tried to hide the Haitians living under that bridge. They refused to admit they were bussing migrants to all corners of the country. They even tried to hide this January’s numbers from the nation. But Fox News was able to uncover the truth.

From Biz Pac Review:

According to Melugin: “In a federal court filing obtained by Fox News, [Department of Homeland Security] reports 153,941 migrant encounters in January, almost doubling Jan. ‘21 (78,414) and more than quadruple Jan. ‘20 (36,585). DHS also reports 62,573 migrants were released into U.S. just last month alone.”

Melugin added that “DHS still has not publicly released the January numbers, even though we are halfway through February, and according to their court filing, they already know the numbers. January is typically one of the slowest months at the border. FY’22 continues to smash FY’21 number.”

According to a court filing, 153,941 migrants were caught sneaking over the border. That is twice as many as last year and four times as many from 2020. Of that group, 62,573 of them were released into the country, violating the Supreme Court’s demand that they remain in Mexico. If that’s how many Biden caught and released, how many got through without his notice?

This is all the more disgusting when you realize what Biden is doing overseas. He neglects our border but has sent millions to secure the borders of other countries. That includes Ukraine, which he admits he won’t do much to stop if Russia invades. It seems like Biden can’t even follow through on the jobs he says he cares about.

The open border is perhaps the biggest crisis happening on Biden’s watch. It might not be as pressing as inflation or the supply chain, but it will have far-reaching consequences. Consequences that will affect every American. These countless migrants entering the country will take jobs from working-class Americans. Data proves this largely impacts minority Americans more than anyone else.

The crime spike we are witnessing will only get worse, as cartels use the open border to sneak in drug pushers. And let’s not forget how these migrants can shift voting demographics in communities, giving Democrats unjust power. All the while exploiting migrants.

Key Takeaways:

  • A court filing reveals over 150,000 migrants crossed the border in January.
  • Biden released over 60,000 migrants into the country.
  • The DHS has yet to officially release these numbers to the public.

Source: Biz Pac Review



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