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After Biden Shuts Down Trump’s Border Wall – Millions Worth Of Unbuilt Wall Materials May Be Sold For Scrap

After Biden Shuts Down Trump’s Border Wall – Millions Worth Of Unbuilt Wall Materials May Be Sold For Scrap

What’s Happening:

One of the first things Biden did after entering office was shut down Trump’s border wall project. On top of that, he canceled numerous policies made by Trump that were securing our border. What was the result? A border crisis that still rages to this day, with over one million migrants flooding the country.

But Biden is far from done. He drags his feet as the Supreme Court requires Remain in Mexico to be reinstated. And, to add insult to injury, he is making sure the remnants of Trump’s canceled project can never be used for their intended purpose.

From The Epoch Times:

Millions of dollars of unfinished border wall materials have lain in the deserts of Arizona since January 2021, after President Joe Biden halted all construction on the wall on the day he took office…

Now, they’re looking to sell it all for scrap, according to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

“They’re probably going to get a penny on the dollar for it,” CCSO Sgt. Tim Williams said.

Word is coming out that the materials left abandoned by Biden for Trump’s border wall could be sold for scrap. Millions of dollars worth of materials could be sold for pennies on the dollar. That’s because Biden let the materials rot in the sun and rain, making them nearly worthless.

Biden was so stupid, he didn’t bother to sell off this material a year ago when it was in good condition and valuable. For a “president” that needs every last penny for his socialist agenda, you’d think he’d have the wits to use this material, instead of just leaving it to fall apart.

Now, the material is becoming an environmental hazard. And local groups might be forced to sell it to anyone who can use it. They won’t get much, considering the state it’s all in.

It’s a fitting image for Biden’s entire administration. Biden has made reckless and unthought-out decisions, just to appease the radical left. His knee-jerk approach to leadership has left the country facing numerous crises. His administration is fumbling as we are left in the dust to rot.

Biden clearly never thought ahead when planning his agency, if he planned it at all. The only silver lining is that a red wave can come and hold this robber baron accountable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Materials abandoned from Trump’s border wall have become worthless.
  • Some say they could be sold as scrap for “pennies on the dollar.”
  • This comes as Biden’s reckless agenda has failed on every issue.

Source: The Epoch Times



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