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YouTube Scuba Diver Helps Bring Closure to a 21-Year-Old Cold Case (VIDEO)

Thousands of cold cases never reach a conclusion. Frequently, these crimes leave an empty spot in people’s lives. However, sometimes remarkable developments offer hope or at least welcome closure. Recently, through the efforts of a YouTuber, closure happened.

The YouTuber is also an avid scuba diver. Jeremy Beau Sides’ YouTube channel is called, “Exploring with the Nug”. Jeremy told reporters that he accidentally came upon the cold case file for two missing Tennessee teens while searching a database of missing persons.

While reading the reports, Jeremy connected the location where two teens went missing in 2000 with a river in that same town. This connection sparked his curiosity. Sides decided to strap on his dive gear and investigate spots along the river that could hide a submerged vehicle.

Turns out his hunch proved correct. With his gear in hand, including his own filming and editing tools, Jeremy set out for Sparta, Tennessee. Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel were first reported missing in April 2000. They were 18 and 17, respectfully, at the time of their disappearance.

There have been few, if any viable leads for law enforcement to pursue. However, Jeremy’s first failed dive in search of clues caught the eye of one of Foster’s family members. The family member saw the first YouTube search video and decided to share it.

The footage was shared with White County Sheriff Steve Page. Deputy Sheriff Page took the initiative to that suggest Jeremy search at another location along the Calfkiller River. This hunch turned out to produce a startling discovery. Jeremy was shocked at what he found.

“Whoa, oh OK, that’s 100 percent a car in front of my face,” he said. The YouTube diver notified the White County Sheriff’s office. Within minutes, an investigation team was on location. What happened next is the sort of astonishing revelation made for TV reality shows.

The 1998 Pontiac confirmed to be a match. While it was heartbreaking to discover that two bodies, most likely the two missing teenagers, were found inside, it had to help cultivate a welcome sense of closure for grieving friends and family.

If not for the efforts of one avid YouTube diver, this cold case may have remained frozen in time. The lead investigator on the case was John Meadows, a classmate of both victims. Meadows, along with others in the White County Sheriff’s office, thanked Jeremy for his work.

Meadows said, “It’s very humbling to be able to be a part of something that is going to bring so much closure to so many families.” Often, cold cases never reach a conclusion. When they do, the results may be sad. Nevertheless, they offer closure. One YouTuber scuba diver helped to do just that.

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