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Woke Disney Gets a Nightmare Report – They Just Suffered 1 Devastating Loss

What’s Happening:

This is one story line where a fairy godmother isn’t on the horizon to save the day. Disney plotted its rainbow-believing course some time ago and apparently forgot to include many of the people who helped build the entertainment dynasty.

Disney has struggled financially in recent years because of its intentions to replace beloved characters and long-standing story lines with new elements that lean left. That hasn’t gone over well with conservatives and Disney efforts to court that audience have faltered.

Conservatives are shunning Disney at a rate that continues despite company efforts to woe them back. A recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports showed how nightmarish the situation is for Disney.

From The Daily Wire:
Just over 60% of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Disney, including 35% who say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion, the survey found.

Only 32% of Republicans polled have a favorable view of Walt Disney’s legacy. These numbers have been holding near those levels among Republicans for almost two years. The dislike among GOP members follows past comments from a producer admitting to “adding queerness” to children’s programming and this year when the lead actress in “Snow White” who gleefully insulted the story’s original characterization of the princess.

Disney has only added to the loss of conservative audiences by highlighting events and productions that promote and celebrate the company as an “LGBTQ-inclusive” studio. The efforts haven’t shunned most Democrats who still pledge their support for the company.

According to the Rasmussen Reports survey, Democrats are mirror the opposite of Republicans’ opinions. In the latest poll 61% of Democrats view Disney favorably and just 29% unfavorably. These numbers reflect similar trends from past polls.

Disney’s entertainment plans have been a controversial subject not only in American culture but in the world of politics. The company engaged in a high-profile fight with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) when he challenged the company over a tax authority district last year. Republicans’ opinions of Disney polled then were almost the same as this recent poll, as were the Democrats.

Bob Iger was appointed CEO of Disney earlier this year, and he pledged in his return to the role that he would “quiet things down” on the political front. That pledge has failed with the publicity failure of the remake of “Snow White” and the lead actress, Rachel Zegler, calling the classic love story “extremely dated.” She also labeled Snow White’s prince “a guy who literally stalks her. Weird. Weird.”

Disney might be better off if it simply conducted an internal remake where it returned to its roots of providing quality, non-political entertainment for children. The kids may not understand the ongoing political undertones of Disney content, but parents know what is happening.

Disney executives should consider that the parents are the ones who decide whether to spend money at the theme parks and movie theaters or just go somewhere else where they feel welcome.

Key Takeaways:

  • Poll shows Disney again falters trying to regain support from Republicans.
  • Liberal agenda hidden within Disney content keeps GOP away.
  • High-profile criticism of “dated” content keeps failing for Disney.

Source: The Daily Wire



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