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Woke Democrats Humiliated by Con Artist – Entire Blue City Fell for an Indian Scammer

Woke Democrats Humiliated by Con Artist – Entire Blue City Fell for an Indian Scammer

What’s Happening:

If you are unfortunate enough to have a conversation with a liberal, these days, you’ll find out one thing very quickly. They put “diversity” and “equity” above common sense and logic. Democrats don’t seem to be able to think anymore. Their desperation to appear “woke” and “inclusive” of all races and minority groups seems to be more important than, say, Googling a word.

Such was the case in this blue city. Their officials sat down with delegates from a faraway country. The delegates claimed it was a country off the coast of South America. They even held a ceremony and signed documents, vowing their support for this nation. As it turns out, they were conned hard. Guess who they really “partnered” with?

From The Post Millennial:

In January, officials from Newark, New Jersey sat down with “delegates” from Kailasa, which they were told was a Hindu nation off the coast of South America. It has since been revealed that Kailasa is a fake country invented by infamous Indian scam artist, cult leader, and alleged rapist Swami Nithyananda.

In their excitement over “partnering with people from diverse cultures,” Newark officials, including the mayor, failed to uncover the truth.

Oh my God. The idiot liberals who run Newark, NJ eagerly sat down with a cult leader and con artist, thinking she was some official from “Kailasa.” These morons rushed ahead to show their support for this “diverse” culture. Apparently, nobody bothered to Google the name of this country. Nor did they look up the person they signed this document with.

Swami Nithyananda is a known scammer from India, a cult leader, and alleged rapist. Yikes. I’m guessing this wasn’t the kind of “diversity” Newark’s leaders were talking about? How did nobody in the group bother to ask any clarifying questions to this person? Are Democrats so scared of looking racist or bigoted, they didn’t bother to see some identification?

LOL, I guess they really are against ID rules!

This should be a rude wake-up call for everyone on the left. Their obsession with being “woke” is making them dumb as hell. Imagine what this con artist’s team could have done, if nobody bothered to tell Newark the country was fake? Imagine the millions they could have stolen from these dupes, just because they dressed up in exotic clothes?

Leftism really is making people stupid, huh?

Here’s a tip everyone: to avoid being this dumb, don’t become a liberal.

Key Takeaways:

  • The City of Newark was conned by a scam artist pretending to be a delegate from a fake country.
  • They signed an agreement, thinking they were partnering with a “diverse” culture.
  • The con was contrived by Swami Nithyananda, a cult leader and accused rapist.

Source: The Post Millennial



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