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Why Gen Z Prefers Personality over Productivity

Are you tired of submitting the same boring resume and cover letter in hopes of landing a job? According to Gen Z, you may want to ditch the traditional application process and focus on showcasing your personality.

The youngest generation in the workforce believes that their personalities, not their skills or qualifications, are what will set them apart from other applicants. In fact, they have coined a term for this – “personality hire.”

These young workers believe that their wit and humor bring a certain vibrance to the workplace that older employees may lack. Bella Rose Mortel, a 22-year-old social media strategist and self-proclaimed “chief vibes officer,” has experienced this first hand in her corporate job at Beehiiv.

Mortel’s viral TikTok videos, where she calls for a more “unserious” workplace and incorporating Gen Z lingo into office conversations, have sparked discussions among fellow “personality hires” who feel their mission is to lighten the mood, not lighten someone’s workload.

“I have accepted that I am hired to bring the energy, being the personality hire is really fun. I love lightening the mood,” wrote one viewer.

Mortel’s boss even caught onto the trend, playfully asking her to “set the vibes” during a team call. Other viewers also chimed in, admitting that they too have been labeled as the “personality hire” and have embraced the role.

However, not everyone is ready to take on the responsibility of being the office “lightning rod.” In a comedic skit by content creator Vienna, the “personality hire” is portrayed as a chatty co-worker who delivers compliments and boosts morale but may not actually be doing much work.

Despite the exaggerated portrayal, the unspoken role of the “personality hire” has become more common in today’s workforce, especially with the integration of Gen Z into the corporate world.

For those eager to embrace the role of the “personality hire,” Mortel has some tips. She suggests slowly introducing Gen Z slang into the workplace, such as calling your boss “girlie” and referring to them as “king” when they compliment you. According to Mortel, once your boss starts saying “slay” back to you, then you know you have successfully brought the vibes to the office.

While having a “personality hire” may seem like a frivolous addition to the workplace, many Gen Z workers believe it is necessary for a positive and playful work environment. Their goal is not to shirk their responsibilities, but rather to bring a sense of fun and lightheartedness to their jobs.

So, if you’re ever in need of a morale boost at work, just look for the “personality hire” – they’ll be the ones making everyone laugh and saying “slay” every time the boss gives a compliment.

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