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Why Didn’t the Georgia Senate Decertify the 2020 Election Results? Now We Know…

The corrupt mainstream media continue to promote narratives that push blatant lies. One of the most obvious is their denouncement of escalating evidence proving that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. It was a fraud, and so too were other races.

Investigations across multiple key “swing states” continue to divulge mounds of proof. Arizona lawmakers have uncovered enough fraudulent votes to overturn Joe Biden’s bogus victory in their state. The same thing is happening in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well.

However, no one will act on these startling revelations. In Georgia, the same types of befuddling events are happening. Nevertheless, the reasons behind a failure to decertify an obviously fraudulent election may have become a lot clearer.

The reason the Georgia Senate, including weak-kneed GOP Governor Brian Kemp, allowed a blatant fraud to be certified is to save their own political hides. We must also consider how voter fraud stole a U.S. Senate race from a Republican candidate.

David Perdue was running to retain his Georgia U.S. Senate seat. Perdue was defeated in a so-called “run-off election”. Jon Ossoff is a 34-year-old former documentary film producer. He is a radical liberal who somehow managed to pull off a victory over an incumbent.

Astonishingly, Ossoff’s supposed victory came in a predominantly conservative part of a conservative state. It seemed like a rather unlikely upset. It was. Now a former Senator, Perdue sued, claiming the results of his run-off election, and the 2020 Presidential vote, was a sham.

Perdue’s legal team produced evidence of thousands of “absentee ballots” that were scanned multiple times. Each of these ballots was for a Democrat, especially Joe Biden. Perdue also showed evidence that there were over 16,000 votes for President Trump left uncounted.

Joe Biden stole the Electoral College votes for Georgia by less than 12,000 votes. David Perdue knew there was fraud in both his attempt to retain his seat, plus President Trump’s valiant efforts to secure a second term.

David Perdue’s pursuit of the truth has pitted him against many of the weak Georgia state GOP’s. The weakest is current Governor Kemp. To show his solidarity with President Trump, and his adamant pursuit of justice, Perdue has announced he will run against Kemp.

Republican Georgia Senate members even sent Perdue a letter asking him not to run. Why would they do that? Why would a party ask one of its strongest, most dedicated members not to seek an office? They know something, and it’s not good.

Through some nefarious back channels, liberal Democrats have gotten to Brian Kemp. This corruption has bled into the Georgia Senate and most likely the House. They cannot afford for someone who is motivated to expose voter fraud to be elected Georgia’s governor.

Such would expose their own culpability. David Perdue’s ascension to the governorship in Georgia would expose the Georgia GOP’s lack of courage and conviction. It would also prove two things to be true. Jon Ossoff stole his U.S. Senate seat.

However, and worst of all, Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential Election. If elected Georgia’s governor, David Perdue will help prove both to be true. His victory will also prove something else. It will prove corrupt politicians, regardless of party affiliation; will lie to cover their own hide. That’s why the Georgia Senate didn’t vote to decertify the obviously corrupt 2020 election.

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