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White House Press Conference Goes off the Rails – Energy Secretary Actually Claims Joe Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Rising Gas Prices

White House Press Conference Goes off the Rails – Energy Secretary Actually Claims Joe Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Rising Gas Prices

What’s Happening:

Well, what do ya know? Gas prices are going up again. Did anyone really think that Joe Biden “fixed” the problem? He single-handedly doomed American energy when he banned drilling for oil and gas on federal land. He hasn’t lifted that ban since 2021. All of his supposed remedies to rising gas prices were temporary bait-and-switches.

Like depleting our strategic oil reserve, to make gas prices go down a few pennies.

And now, right on cue, gas prices are going up again. The sky’s the limit for how high they can go, as Biden continues to shut down American energy production. During a recent press conference, his brilliant energy secretary was asked about this very issue. And the woman who once laughed in Americans’ faces over high gas prices was just as insulting.

From The Post Millennial:

On Monday, Biden Administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked about gas prices rising 33 cents over the past month.

The reporters asked, “The President took credit for the prices going down … Does the President get credit for the price of gas going up?” Granholm answered, “Well, it’s obviously based upon international and climate events.”

What a joke. When gas prices when down by pennies, Biden tried to take credit for it. He wanted us to believe he was moving heaven and earth. This, even though his “fixes” did very little to lower gas prices (and heating prices and electricity prices and so on).

But now that prices are going back up… suddenly it’s not Joe’s fault! His incompetent energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, pushed more claims about why prices started rising. But this time, instead of blaming Putin, she blamed “international and climate events.”

What the heck does that mean? Biden shut down our energy industry over claims about the climate. But now, we’re supposed to believe “climate events” are getting worse? How much pain does America have to go through to “save” the planet?

And what “international” events is she talking about? I thought Biden was able to get Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. I guess not, if gas prices keep going up.

It’s funny. When Trump was president we never saw “international” or “climate” events affect gas prices. It’s only been since Joe became president that these mysterious events keep hurting us.

You know, there is a very easy way to ensure stable, low energy prices in the United States. And that is for the United States to produce its own energy. But Biden has made it very clear he will not allow American companies to produce reliable fossil fuels.

He will waste billions of our tax dollars on dead ends like wind and solar. Our money and our children’s money is being thrown at “green” tech that cannot meet our demands. But that’s fine with Biden. After all, this isn’t about “saving” the earth. It’s about enriching his allies and robbing hard-working Americans blind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy Secretary Granholm blamed “international and climate events” on rising gas prices.
  • Biden crippled U.S. energy by banning drilling on federal land in 2021.
  • Gas prices have been rising since the start of January; Biden refuses to take the blame.

Source: The Post Millennial



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