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Watchdog Group Makes Serious Allegations About Southern Border Under Biden Regime

For almost two years, the southern border has been in shambles. Given that Joe Biden decided to reverse the border policies implemented by the Trump administration.

The number of attempted and illegal crossings surged when these restrictions were reversed. Although nothing has come of this, Kamala Harris was appointed by Biden as the point person to handle the southern border.

Republicans pushed the White House to take action when issues at the southern border arose, but to no avail.

Only after Republican governors Ron DeSantis, Doug Ducey, and Greg Abbott started sending migrants to liberal sanctuary communities did the Biden administration start to admit this.

GOP officials and leaders have made every attempt to address the problems at the southern border, but they continue. Project Veritas has now issued a warning that Biden’s administration is allowing child labor and human trafficking to expand at the border.

According to Project Veritas, a US government insider made some quite unsettling allegations.

According to these allegations, the Health and Human Services Department is allegedly allowing minor girls to enter the nation under the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program before turning them over to purported “sponsors.”

These “sponsors” are problematic since many of them are undocumented immigrants with connections to coyotes and cartels.

According to Tara Lee Rodas, a former assistant with the aforementioned department, the government is more concerned with sending the children to sponsors quickly than with making sure they arrive at secure homes with dependable guardians.

The “sponsors” the Biden regime has trusted are usually criminals and human traffickers, according to Rodas.

Even worse, according to Rodas, once these children are turned over to their “sponsors,” they have complete control over them and can even arrange for their deportation. The US government’s options are currently limited.

Conservatives have consistently expressed concern about Biden’s approach to managing the southern border. However, what Rodas is stating illustrates grave incompetence that is facilitating heinous crimes like child labor and human trafficking.

The White House has not yet released any statements regarding the issues brought up by Project Veritas.

Additionally, the Biden administration hasn’t officially said that any security measures are in place to prevent traffickers, cartels, or coyotes from taking advantage of minors who enter the country.

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