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Watch: The Charade Is Unraveling. Emperor Joe Flies Into A Rage, Can’t Control His Emotions,

The video shows Biden has been a couple of fries short of a happy meal for some time and you gotta wonder how long the White House can keep up the charade.

Below is a quick example, Joe can’t even read the stats that have been placed in front of him.

Not long ago, emperor Joe Biden flew into a rage during a speech, it shows the backlash and low approval numbers are getting to him.

First, Biden did the whispering thing, started screaming, then smacked the podium.

On the same day creepy Joe Biden came out as well.

“I like kids better than people. Fortunately, they like me. That’s why maybe I like them,” Biden said.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the trash, a Zogby poll shows his job approval rating is around 36.4%. It also revealed that Biden is bleeding support from the Hispanic community and independent voters.

Don’t think the White House doesn’t see stuff like this and it’s why Biden is flipping out.

The guy is completely nuts, watch him freak out below…

Biden even gives some weird explanation about his neurosurgeon “years ago when I had that aneurysm.”

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