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Watch: Insane Dem Voter Loses It On Republican Poll Worker!

On Election Day in Arlington, Virginia, a video capturing a heated exchange between a Virginia Democrat voter and a Republican poll greeter has garnered significant attention online. The incident involved a progressive voter approaching Matthew Hurtt, who serves as a poll worker and the director of professional services at the Leadership Institute, a conservative organization.

In the video footage, the unidentified Democrat voter voiced his concerns and frustrations to Hurtt. He accused Republicans of trying to overturn the election and using violent means to influence the voting process. The voter also issued a personal threat, warning Hurtt that he would remember him and implied that Republicans were responsible for election interference.

The voter further accused Hurtt of being racist, supporting lynching, and characterized him as a “Bible-beating bigot.” Despite the confrontational tone, Hurtt remained calm and composed, continuing to film the encounter. The video has since gone viral on social media platforms.

Hurtt responded to comments on the video, explaining that he had filed a police report detailing the incident, highlighting the seriousness of the confrontation.

The incident occurred during a significant Election Day in several states, including Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky. In Virginia, voters were participating in elections that could potentially determine which political party would control the state legislature. The outcomes of these elections were closely watched as they were marked by record campaign spending, and they were seen as a potential indicator for the 2024 presidential contest. Currently, Republicans hold a narrow 52-48 majority in Virginia’s House of Delegates, while Democrats maintain control of its Senate with a 22-18 majority. In these elections, all 40 of the state’s Senate races and all 100 delegate contests were at stake.

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