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WATCH: Incredible Rescue Seconds Before Train Plows Into Airplane

It’s always good to get the good news and to get away from much of the mainstream propaganda that wants to keep you scared and compliant.

They almost exclusively report on negative news because frankly, that’s what people get worked up over and it keeps them engaged.

But we’re not mainstream media and we feel like it is just as important to give you some of the good things that happen in the world that go overlooked all the time.

Over the weekend, a small plane crashed on railroad tracks. The man was injured, but thankfully, he had survived the crash. But his problems didn’t end there.

As he was still on the tracks, a train was quickly approaching and was headed straight for him.

The Los Angeles Police Department was on the scene and they knew that they had to act fast to save the man before the train reached him. Honestly, it looked like something you would see in a movie and he was rescued literally just seconds before the train collided with the aircraft.

“You will not see more dramatic video than this,” local news anchor Jory Rand tweeted. “LAPD officers save a pilot just before his crashed plane is hit by a train!”

“This video is just absolutely insane,” writer Jason Rabinowitz tweeted. “Those cops saved a life were mere seconds to spare.”

Numerous people online called the police officers heroes for saving the man’s life as the train rapidly approached.

“These officers are absolute heroes. They saved his life,” political commentator Ian Miles Cheong tweeted. “The pilot would be dead if not for their bravery.”

There are real heroes out there like these officers. Most officers aren’t wanting to do you harm or take you to jail. Sometimes, and probably most of the time, they’re just looking to help where help is needed.

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