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WATCH: Biden Compared George Floyd’s Death To MLK Jr.’s Assassination

Once again, this week we remembered Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday.

I have a mostly positive view of Martin Luther King Jr. I do believe he contributed a great deal to society, but he had his faults as well. But his agenda and motives for civil rights so many years ago was far different than those today.

But I will say that what he contributed in regards to equality was overall good. However, according to Joe Biden, it pales in comparison to George Floyd.

Look, what happened with George Floyd was a tragedy. He didn’t deserve to die and his death was an injustice and an abuse of power by the police.

I know that it may not be a popular opinion as a conservative, but I do believe that based on the evidence, what Derek Chauvin did was wrong and he should be held accountable for George Floyd’s death. It was his fault and it made absolutely no sense to me. I watched the entire trial and I saw all of the evidence presented and I am certain that Derek Chauvin directly led to his death.

However, don’t confuse that as me saying that George Floyd was some saint. He was no hero by any means and does not deserve to be placed on a pedestal as many left have done.

I’m not going to say much about him personally because I do not know him that well. I know that he had a problem with drugs and he had his run-ins with the law but many people have. I don’t think that he deserves a statue. I don’t think he deserves to be put on par with Martin Luther King Jr.

What each of these two men did and contributed to society is far different from one another. But Joe Biden’s comparison is way off base. He’s an absolute idiot for suggesting that George Floyd had more of an impact than MLK.

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