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Washington Swamp Exposed in Shock Move – The IRS Just Make a Crooked Move to Help Biden

Washington Swamp Exposed in Shock Move – The IRS Just Make a Crooked Move to Help Biden

What’s Happening:

In recent days, the Biden family has faced one accusation after another. It looks as if Joe and his son Hunter won’t be able to worm their way out of their schemes any longer. We’ve learned again and again how this family has traded influence for big paydays.

But, as if on cue, the swamp is trying to help them.

One of the nails in Hunter’s coffin has been an ongoing IRS investigation. Accusations abound that he committed tax fraud via his shady businesses. A whistleblower revealed, though, that the IRS was giving Hunter preferential treatment. Now, that swamp agency just made a shocking move.

From Fox News:

The IRS has removed the “entire investigative team” from its multi-year tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, and a whistleblower who raised concerns about the handling of the case is claiming the move was “clearly retaliatory,” according to a Monday report.

Per The New York Post, the whistleblower’s attorneys told Congress that the removal was on the order of the Department of Justice.

Uh-huh. It appears Joe Biden’s DOJ ordered the IRS to remove the entire team that was investigating Hunter Biden’s tax crimes from the case. That strongly suggests this investigation will be shut down–and that Hunter Biden will not face any penalties for breaking the law.

Sounds about right. Why wouldn’t Joe use the power of his administration to protect his son? We’ve learned repeatedly that federal agencies like the DOJ and FBI have known about Joe Biden and his son’s suspicious activities.

The FBI knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020, but refused to investigate to protect Biden’s election chances. A whistleblower recently revealed that the FBI possesses documents that implicate the entire family in a bribery scheme. Yet they have done nothing about it.

Could it be that the swamp rats that run the FBI refuse to harm Biden, one of their own? Many Americans feel Biden is merely a puppet for the corrupt DNC and D.C. lobbyists. Why would they do anything to hurt his re-election chances or have him prosecuted?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is being prosecuted over seemingly minor issues. Double standard much?

How many more times will our government ignore corruption? How much more can Americans stomach?

Key Takeaways:

  • The IRS removed the entire team investigating Hunter Biden’s tax fraud case.
  • Joe Biden’s DOJ ordered the change, putting the entire investigation at risk.
  • A whistleblower had already alleged that the IRS was showing Hunter special treatment.

Source: Fox News



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