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Wait Until You Hear What 11 GOP Attorney Generals Call What the FBI Did to Trump

Some Republican attorney generals are working to protect former President Donald Trump after the FBI unlawfully raided his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

There are a total of eleven GOP attorney generals who have condemned the search of Trump’s home, they are calling it a “ransacking” effort from the Biden Administration to politically damage Trump.

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, is leading the charge with a 21-page brief that includes four examples of unlawfulness. This brief focuses on the response to Covid-19 as well as its enforcement of immigration laws. Paxton argues that the Biden administration has “leveraged its power to engage in questionable political gamesmanship.”

The attorney generals are attempting to convince the courts that the Department of Justice should not have immediate access to the classified documents they seized.

Paxton initiated this effort in response to the DOJ’s appeal of a decision to block the agency from viewing classified documents taken from Trump’s property until they can be reviewed by a third party. The DOJ has argued that delaying the investigation, could harm national security.

The GOP attorney generals disagree and believe that the Biden administration’s “questionable conduct” in policymaking and litigation means that the courts should approach the DOJ’s appeal with caution.

The attorney generals also said that the agency’s intention in this whole process should be looked at by the court “through jaundiced eyes.”

The brief challenges the court to deny the appeal.  “Given Biden’s track record, combined with his rhetoric demonizing anyone he disagrees with, the courts must be on high alert to the ways in which [the Justice Department] may abuse its power to punish President Donald Trump,” Paxton said in a statement.

The FBI took 11,000 documents from Trump’s Florida home during the ransacking. It was a part of a scheme led by the Left to try and nail Trump down once and for all.

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