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UFC Boss Comments On Sponsor

UFC CEO Dana White recently appeared on comedian Theo Von’s podcast, “This Past Weekend,” discussing the intersection of political affiliations and sponsorships in the business world. White shared an anecdote about facing criticism from a sponsor after posting a video expressing support for former President Trump on his personal social media.

During the conversation, White underscored the significance of values in business relationships, particularly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. He asserted that such periods reveal the true character of everyone involved, including sponsors. White recounted an incident where a major sponsor objected to his Trump-supportive video and demanded its removal. In response, White expressed his firm stance on personal political choices, stating that such decisions are individual matters not subject to external influence.

The discussion expanded to encompass a broader issue wherein sponsors expressed discomfort with podcast content featuring certain political figures. Von, the podcast host, shared his experience of companies requesting the removal of ads or episodes featuring Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. White praised Kennedy as an “old school Democrat” with “common sense.”

The conversation delved into the emerging culture of fear, where individuals feel compelled to conform to specific political beliefs to avoid professional repercussions. White encouraged more individuals to stand up for themselves and respond assertively when faced with such demands.

In addressing the broader issue, Von spoke directly to his sponsors, asserting his readiness to end deals and sell directly to consumers at a lower price if they dislike his content. The conversation sheds light on the intricate balance between personal beliefs, corporate relationships, and the evolving landscape of free expression in contemporary society.

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