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Tucker Carlson Slams Corporate Media for Ignoring Leaked Pentagon Documents

As news broke this week on the arrest of a 21yearold National Guard member for leaking classified documents, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took corporate media outlets to task for their failure to address thesubstance of the information revealed in the Pentagon documents.

If you want to get really sick to your stomach, go pull a transcript from the Pentagon briefing today where news reporters asked flacks from the Pentagon, what are we gonna do to keep information like this secret in the future? Carlson said on his show Thursday.Not one question about the substance of the information Not one question. How can we help you keep it secret?

The documents, made public by Jack Teixeira, a member of the Air National Guard, leaker, revealed information about perceived weaknesses in Ukrainian defenses and plans to rebuild their army. One document appeared to show that NATO countries had a few dozen special operations troops in Ukraine, something previously denied.

Those are the questions and not only are the media covering up the substance of the story, which is not who leaked it, but what he leaked, they are covering up the crimes committed to get you this information, Carlson continued.

The Washington Post and The New York Times both reported on the leak and tracked down Teixeira, raising questions about how they were able to access information that is only available to those with a security clearance.

If its illegal to see these documents if you dont have a security clearance, how is the Washington Post doing this legally? Carlson asked.They dont have a security clearance.

Well, obviously, they were given them by the U.S. Intel agencies and are working alongside them.

The United States has provided over $100 billion in aid to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in 2022, but Carlson believes the focus should be on the information revealed in the documents, not on who leaked them.

The bigger problem is this is information that is relevant to the public in a socalled democracy, Carlson said. You cannot lie about things that jeopardize our collective future and get away with it and you certainly shouldnt be doing that with the assistance of the news media.”

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