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Trump Was Right, and Now Everyone Knows It

The recent Hamas terror attack on Israel has laid bare the stark reality of our world, and it’s time we admit it: Trump’s policies were not just effective but essential for our nation’s security and prosperity.

Trump’s stance on projecting strength for peace has come into sharp focus. The former President understood that showing weakness to our adversaries only invites aggression. His hardline approach towards Iran and ISIS, which some critics deemed as too harsh, now seems far more reasonable in retrospect. As the old saying goes, “peace through strength,” and Trump embodied this mantra like no other leader before him.

Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, enjoyed unwavering support under Trump’s administration. Today, in light of the recent terror attacks, we see the value of that alliance. Trump’s steadfast support for Israel was not mere political posturing; it was a strategic necessity that contributed to regional stability.

At home, Trump’s policies on border security and energy independence have proved to be prophetic. A secure border is fundamental to national sovereignty, and Trump knew this. His vision for an energy-independent America was also spot on. Today, as energy prices soar, we are reminded of the importance of self-reliance in this critical sector.

Trump’s defense of gun ownership rights, often criticized by liberal media, is now seen in a new light. With rising crime rates and growing lawlessness, Americans realize the importance of their Second Amendment rights more than ever. Trump was right – the right to bear arms is not just a constitutional right; it’s a necessity for self-defense in these trying times.

Trump took a strong stand against the wave of anti-Semitism sweeping across our college campuses. Today, as we witness a rise in hate crimes, we realize the importance of his stance. He was also right about rebuilding our military. A strong military is not an option but a necessity in today’s volatile world.

Trump was right about everything. The liberal media, driven by their bias, failed to see the wisdom in his policies. But today, as we grapple with the challenges at home and abroad, we see the truth: Trump’s policies were not just effective; they were necessary for our survival. It’s time we admit it: Trump was right, and now you know it.

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