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Trump Warns of Incoming Threat on American Soil

Former President Trump has sounded the alarm with a stark warning that the terror-infused conflict currently engulfing Gaza could soon hit home, thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies. In an explosive statement, Trump claimed that the “tens of thousands” of Middle Eastern men who have “invaded” our nation through the porous southern border pose a grave threat to our national security.

Under the Biden administration, a shocking 282 illegal immigrants on the terror watchlist were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), dwarfing the mere 11 under Trump’s tenure. This alarming increase in potential terrorists entering the country has been facilitated by Biden’s lax border policies, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in our own backyard.

Trump’s comments come amidst the backdrop of Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip, following the brutal attack by Hamas on October 7 that claimed over 1,400 lives. “The fight in GAZA is ‘coming home’ to the USA,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. He further warned that the unchecked influx of young men from the Middle East will become a problem “the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Recent CBP data reveals a startling number of “special interest” illegal immigrants from the Middle East have been nabbed at the southern border under Biden’s watch. While not all “special interest aliens” are terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security warns they could pose “a national security risk to the United States or its interests.”

The data shows encounters with “special interest aliens” from countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and others have skyrocketed between October 2021 and October 2023. A pair of men from Lebanon, classified as “special interest aliens,” were recently apprehended in Texas and are undergoing extensive background checks.

In a blistering critique, Trump urged the Biden administration to halt the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants into the country. He lambasted Biden for his abysmal track record on foreign policy, stating, “Crooked Joe Biden is a very ignorant (STUPID!) man, who has NEVER been right on a foreign policy issue in his life. CLOSE OUR BORDER, NOW. STOP THE ONSLAUGHT, STOP THE INVASION!”

Trump also took aim at Biden’s foreign policy blunders, which he claims have created a “giant mess” for the U.S., a “once great country.” The former president asserted that the attack on Israel would never have occurred under his watch, a testament to the stark contrast in leadership between the two administrations.

In the face of this impending crisis, it’s high time we heed Trump’s warning before it’s too late. The stakes are too high to ignore the clear and present danger staring us in the face.

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