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Trump Speaks During Michigan Stop

Former President Trump made a fiery return to the political stage at a campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday.

During his speech, he promised to put an end to the massive influx of illegal migrants that have been pouring over the United States’ southern border, and to deport them back to their countries of origin, whether those countries want them or not.

One of the main topics of Trump’s speech was addressing the current situation at the southern border, which has been described as a “border bloodbath.” He vowed that if he were to be elected president again, he would seal the border and immediately begin the largest domestic deportation operation in the history of the country. The former president also mentioned the high cost and the negative impact this constant flow of illegal migrants has on the country’s infrastructure and safety.

Trump also addressed the issue of other countries refusing to take back their citizens who have crossed into the U.S. illegally. He stated that he would not back down and would enforce their return, saying, “here they come, you’re just going to hold on to your britches, ‘cause here they come.”

He firmly declared that no country can withstand such an influx of illegal migrants, and it is the responsibility of the U.S. to protect its citizens and maintain order at the border.

The former president also used the event to debut a new slogan, “Stop Biden’s Border Bloodbath.” The choice of words is significant, as “bloodbath” was a phrase used by leftist media to criticize Trump’s border policies in March. By reclaiming the term, he seemingly aims to refocus the attention on the current situation and hold President Biden accountable for the growing crisis.

Another highlight of the event was the official endorsement from the Police Officers Association of Michigan received by Trump. The association’s president, James Tiganelli, spoke about the chaos and disorganization at the border that has allowed over 3 million illegal migrants to enter the country. He also mentioned the lack of consequences for those who are caught crossing the border illegally, as they are quickly released and allowed to continue their journey into the U.S.

Tiganelli’s comments echoed Trump’s promise to enforce the law and put an end to the leniency shown towards illegal migrants. He pointed out the absurdity of asking law-abiding citizens to follow the rules while those entering the country illegally are essentially given a free pass. The support from law enforcement further solidifies Trump’s stance on immigration and his determination to address the issue.

The event concluded on a high note for Trump, with cheers and chants from the enthusiastic crowd. His message was clear – it is time for America to take control of its borders and put an end to the chaos and disorder caused by unchecked illegal immigration. Whether or not his promises will become reality, only time will tell, but his strong words have certainly reignited the debate on the issue and may sway voters in the upcoming election.

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