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Trump SMASHES Biden in Latest Polls, A Tidal Wave of Conservative Support

President Trump is absolutely steamrolling Joe Biden in the latest polls. The American people have spoken, and they’re screaming for a return to the leadership that puts America first.

The past week has been an unmitigated disaster for the Biden regime. Between his incoherent ramblings in Vietnam and outright lies about being at Ground Zero after 9/11, it’s clear that Biden’s grip on reality is slipping. To add fuel to the fire, his son Hunter was indicted on three felony gun charges. Yet, the most egregious Biden family crimes remain untouched. It’s time for Republicans to hold the Biden family accountable for selling out U.S. policy to foreign businesses.

A staggering 61% of Americans believe Biden lied about his involvement with Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Furthermore, 59% are extremely or somewhat concerned about Biden’s potential wrongdoing. The American people are waking up to the fact that they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Meanwhile, inflation continues to skyrocket under Biden’s watch, driven by soaring gas prices. Yet, Biden has the audacity to tout the “success” of Bidenomics. The majority of voters see through this farce and believe that Bidenomics has made the economy worse.

Under Biden’s administration, the United Auto Workers union went on strike against all three top American automakers. Trump called Biden’s radical electric vehicle mandates a “COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER” for the United Auto Workers, favoring China and wiping out jobs for auto workers. Unlike Biden, Trump has always fought for our nation’s auto workers.

Even David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist and longtime Biden supporter, joined the growing chorus of liberal D.C. pundits begging Biden to not run for reelection. This is a clear indication of the deep-seated panic within the Democratic ranks.

On the other hand, Trump overwhelmingly won the Family Research Council’s straw poll with 64 percent support. During his speech at the FRC’s Pray Vote Stand summit, Trump reaffirmed his commitment to fighting for Christians as hard as he can for four more years in the White House.

In conclusion, the latest polls reveal a resounding victory for Trump over Biden. The American people are yearning for a leader who will fight for them, their values, and their nation. The tide is turning, and it’s carrying a wave of conservative support that will undoubtedly sweep the nation, leaving the failing Biden administration in its wake.

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