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Trump Impeachment Republicans Land In Hot Water – By 2023, All 10 Of Them May Be Gone From Congress

Trump Impeachment Republicans Land In Hot Water – By 2023, All 10 Of Them May Be Gone From Congress

What’s Happening:

Soon after it was clear Trump would leave office, Republicans in D.C. started to pile on. Some in his administration turned their backs on him. But the worst was a group of RINOs in the House, who actually voted with the Democrats to impeach him a second time.

These Republicans soon learned how much trouble they faced. The party did not “move on” from Trump. In fact, Trump today enjoys a higher approval than when he was in office. Three of these Republicans have already announced retirements. The others? Well, they might not be around much longer.

From The Washington Examiner:

Nearly a year since Trump’s acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial, these GOP lawmakers are staring at a range of political problems…

Trump has gloated about the post-2022 retirements of the three and backed primary opponents for several of the others. But for those seeking reelection, their success or failure in primaries will be seen as an indication of Trump’s sway in his party.

The Republican congress members that voted against Trump quickly faced backlash from the party. Members back home expressed their outrage, while some were even censured by their state’s Republican Party members. Three have announced they are cutting and running. But the others face serious challenges.

Liz Cheney faced intense backlash from Wyoming Republicans. She’s yet to backtrack on her stance and has even floated her own presidential run. But she has an uphill battle for reelection, as Trump is backing a primary challenger named Harriet Hageman.

Adam Kinzinger joined Cheney on Pelosi’s J6 commission. But this RINO has already admitted defeat. Because he refused to counter the left’s growing infestation of his home state, he lost his district to gerrymandering. He’s bailing before the 2022 election, knowing his chances of winning were slim.

John Katko announced he won’t be running for reelection. As did Anthony Gonzalez. Fred Upton, another Republican who betrayed Trump, will face a tough primary against another Republican. Peter Meijer also voted against Trump immediately after being sworn in for his first term.

But like Upton and Kinzinger, his state is turning on him through the gerrymandering process.

Jaime Herrera Beutler, like Cheney, faces strong primary challengers. One of them, Joe Kent, is getting Trump’s endorsement. The same is true of Dan Newhouse, who will have to fight off primary challengers.

David Valadao will have a tough reelection in California after Democrats redrew the districts. Tom Rice was a surprise Trump traitor and his fate is up in the air.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans who voted for Trump could face defeat in 2022.
  • Three of them retired while many others have strong primary challengers.
  • Others will be boxed out as Democrats gerrymandered their state.

Source: Washington Examiner



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